wraps: lettuce, mushrooms and tomatoes


Happy last Monday of November! So right before the holiday season begins (and with it all the feasting), I was thinking to share my lettuce-mushroom-tomato-wrap recipe that might be a good appetizer in a menu with multiple courses as well as a snack all by itself.

You will need (serves 2):

4 flatbreads

2 tomatoes

4 pieces of lettuce

500 g mushrooms

1 onion

some parsley

1 tablespoon (vegan) fresh cheese

100 ml veggie broth

olive oil

salt, pepper and chili to taste, maybe garlic as well

And here is how to make these lettuce-mushroom-tomato wraps:

Clean the mushrooms and cut them and the onion as well into slices. Give some olive oil into a pan, add the onion and after a minute the mushrooms. After a few minutes add the broth. Let everything cook for about 5 minutes, add the fresh cheese and the parsley. Lower the temperature to a minimum. Cut the tomatoes, wash the lettuce. Now put first to lettuce onto the flatbread, then the tomatoes and at the end the warm mushrooms including the sauce. Seasoning with salt, pepper and chili. Wrap it up and enjoy!

PS: I also made the wraps by myself using flour, a bit of salt and water. Unfortunately I cannot share a recipe, cause the amounts of the ingredients always change with the type of flour you use. So you just have to figure it out by yourself. At least I can say that it is important to have a soft dough similar to a bread dough you bake in the oven. Form little balls in the size of a snowball and roll them out. Then fry them in a hot pan without any oil or butter. Just the flat dough. After there were dough bubbles and the surface starts to get brown (like it does while frying a pan cake), flip it to the other side. Let it fry as long as you prefer.

link time #13: have a nice weekend


What? X-mas markets are going to open this weekend over here in Germany (and on the 25th in LEipzig)? I am not ready for that yet! Since I spent most of the year with this and that, I am still hoping for summer. :-)

foryoursoul: This might be a cool scent. I wonder why it’s so expensive. (via)

foryourears: My man created a Beginner’s Guide to Autechre, if you’re in the mood for eclectic Electronica.

foryoureyes: I recently watched a show about Vivienne Westwood on Network Awesome and came across her video for PETA where she is taking a shower. Great!

foryourmind: I am a big fan of the idea that less is more and so this statement works for me.

Well, have a wonderful weekend. Until next time! :-)

PS: In the picture above is my smore wedges creation. Its flower bread with chestnuts, filled with smores and Nutella. ;-)

contrasts of life: come a little closer

I have to admit, I am obsessed with ruins. When I see that a building is unoccupied and dilapidated, perhaps even being demolished, I get very excited and it doesn’t take long that I have to go there and look at it. I just love it. What do you think, isn’t it great to have the opportunity of discovering almost everything of an abandoned place? For example things in their original environment that you usually only see at antique flea markets anymore. Footprints of former residents, their tastes in decoration? Besides that I like to imagine how they lived without the comfort of an elevator or heating. And then again their love for detail and the hard work with which such a house was built perhaps 100 years ago and also what hard work it takes now to tear it down. It’s almost like having a look at a doll house (for the girlie part of this post ;-)): you see all the floors and the wallpapers, you can recognize all the individual rooms, can tell where a teenager probably has lived and almost like to put some people back there to watch them cook, laugh, sleep, fight, live…

And then, there are all these contrasts that attract my view like…


…a ruin in front of indian fall trees and illuminated by sunshine vs. noble Gründerzeit buildings behind bare trees and in almost full shadow // colorful leaves vs. broken gas heating pipes…


…a huge chaos of timberwork vs. stable scuffolding // pink and mint colors vs. (almost) natural wood and stone…


…fixed banisters vs. missing stairs (this is my fav one, ’cause I love how the sun shines through that window, it feels like the morning sun you have on your breakfast table with fresh coffee and warm bread rolls)…


…heating elements vs. missing things that need to be heated (this is my second fav one, ’cause, you know, the early 90s…, Madonna and Sly, isn’t that great?!).

But then there are also some similarities: the end of the existence of these walls & the end of this year // the conclusion with the past & the creation of more space for the new to come…

PS: More beautiful ruins and similar places to see in LEipzig are here and there.

soup: leek with red lentils and mustard


Hi there, hungry already and looking for an idea? (It’s almost lunch time here.) Well, this lentil-leek-mustard soup might be perfect for you, ’cause it is made in less than 20 minutes (in case you have all of the following ingredients in your fridge).

You will need (serves 2):

500 g leek

1 cup red lentils

500 ml veggie broth

1 tablespoon mustard

1 tablespoon (vegan) sour creme

olive oil

salt, pepper to taste

optional: parsley for decoration

And here is how to make this lentil-leek-mustard soup:

Wash the leek and cut it into small slices. Fry it in olive oil for less than a minute. Add the broth. When everything is cooking, add the lentils. Cook everything for about 15 minutes, then turn the heat down, add the mustard and sour creme. It depends on your choice of mustard (mild, medium, hot), how much seasoning you will need. So be careful with salt and pepper. For decoration and some fresh vitamins: add some parsley right before serving.

PS: Thanks to my dear man, the creator of this delicious soup. ;-)