from spain to germany to japan: my fav and easy to make summer dishes 2014


Here we go with my favourite dishes for this summer. Since I was very busy with a lot of things, I wasn’t able to cook every day. And delivered food and eating out, well, you know…

So I started to cook and enjoy dishes, that last long (two days for two people), are organic and vegetarian style. And they are great both hot and cold.

I Tortilla: The spanish omelette. For that I used different cooked veggies like potatoes, red pepper, zucchini, onions and mixed those with about 10 eggs. It takes a little time to prepare and a bit patience while slowly frying in the pan and some skilfulness for the turn around, but then it’s really worth it. On my plate almost every week.

II Potato Salad: I used this recipe (except for the chickpeas). I never thought of grilled pepper and grilled potatoes as a salad ingredient before. Funny, isn’t it? And then I tried it and it is so very delicious!

III Noodle Salad: This summer I figured out, potato and noodle salad are great not only for parties. You can add any veggies and it never gets boring. Mine is with broccoli, tomatoes, red pepper, vegan wiener and yogurt. Love it!

IV Asia Noodles Ro Style: This is a dish my man created and now I am craving it. Udon noodles with zucchini, carrots, bean and mungo sprouts, eggs, onions, red pepper and soy sauce. And some secret ingredient (like he enjoys to state all the time). ;-)

PS: Thanks a lot for all the likes and nice comments on my first book! I much appreciate it and it makes me very happy that you like it as much as I do! :-)

PPS: How do you like the new layout of this blog? I thought it was about time… ;-)

Ich habe ein Buch geschrieben! – Was, im Ernst? – Jep! Und so sieht’s aus …


Ach was!

Ja, so richtig kann ich es auch noch gar nicht glauben. Aber tatsächlich, ich habe ein Buch geschrieben. Und illustriert. Es ist ein Kinder-/Jugendbuch und heißt “Freyas Welt”

So ganz allein?

Fast. Texte und Illustrationen sind von mir. Die Idee zum Layout auch. Sogar in Photoshop habe ich mich reingefuchst, um die Bilder zu colorieren. Aber die grafisch-technische Umsetzung im InDesign, der Satz und die Realisierung, das alles stammt von dem besten Mann der Welt. Meinem. Von Ro. Ohne ihn wäre es nicht mehr als eine lausig ausgedruckte Word-Datei!

Und noch jemand hat mir geholfen. Zehnmal, zwanzigmal habe ich es gelesen (ich kann es jetzt schon auswendig aufsagen) und dennoch immer wieder Fehler gefunden. Frustrierend war das, wo ich doch im wahren Leben selbst Lektorin bin. Also habe ich jemanden gefragt, der’s besser kann: Christian Alkemper. Langjähriger Freund und meine letzte Rettung kurz vor Schluss!

Und wovon handelt es nun, das Buch?

“Freyas Welt” handelt von Freyas Welt. In der existieren viele liebe Menschen, jede Menge Hobbys und vor allem ganz schön viele Wünsche. Aber hauptsächlich geht es in “Freyas Welt” ums Fernsehen. Und um Freundschaft. Um Jungs und Mädels. Ach ja, und ums Wetter.

Aha. Und worum geht es nun wirklich?

Na gut, hier ist der Plot: Am Morgen ihres zehnten Geburtstags ist Freya vor lauter Aufregung schon sehr zeitig munter. Aber was kann sie jetzt tun, so früh, wo alle Freunde doch noch schlafen? Freya entscheidet sich fürs Fernsehen und wird – teils freiwillig, teils unverhofft – in den Bann des Geschehens ihrer Lieblingsserien gezogen, in denen so manches Abenteuer auf sie wartet und sie so einige Herausforderungen bewältigen muss. Doch ihre Lieben daheim ahnen zunächst nichts davon …

Und was sind Freyas Lieblingsserien?

Sorry, das kann ich hier leider nicht verraten. ;-) Aber wenn du magst, kannst du hier schon mal ein bisschen reinlesen.

Klingt so ein kleines bisschen wie Alice im Wunderland.

Ja, mag sein. Obwohl, eigentlich nicht. Na gut, ein paar Tiere kommen hier auch vor. Aber keins davon grinst.

Hm, das klingt aber auch nach jeder Menge Lesestoff!

Nun ja, 50 Seiten sind es geworden. Elf Illustrationen inklusive. Das kann eine kleine Leseratte schon schaffen in den großen Ferien. Sofern noch Platz im Rucksack ist. Oder auf dem iPad.

Aaah, Freyas Welt gibt es also in mehreren Ausführungen?

Na klar, als Special Edition im Fotobuchformat mit Softcover, als praktisches Taschenbuch im Wir-machen-es-mal-anders-Format und demnächst natürlich auch als umweltfreundliches E-Book.

Und wo und ab wann und zu welchem Preis ist “Freyas Welt” erhältlich?

“Freyas Welt” gibt es ab sofort bei Blurb. Die Special Edition gibt’s für 29,95 Euro und das Taschenbuch für 14,98 Euro.

Und schon gespannt?

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn es gefällt und gelesen, verschenkt oder weitererzählt wird.

PS: In diesem Zusammenhang ist auch die tolle Website finetexts entstanden, auf der ich zukünftig ab und zu mal was veröffentlichen werde.

pictured // global space odyssey 2014 “refugees welcome”


jul12. leipzig. global space odyssey. slogan: refugees welcome. +/-800 people following. 11 trucks with different subcultural event crews. all kinds of music. police. security. friendly and interested audience. clear statements. the most moving one for me from gothic pogo:

There are too many refugees, people say. There are too few humans, refugees say.

GSO Kopie

Even if I was born in LEipzig, my maternal great grandparents moved to LEipzig from Westphalia and the family of my father was driven out from their hometown that was located in Germany before and had become Poland after WW II. Most of my friends are not from LEipzig, some of them even not from Germany and a few of the longest friendships I am in are with people from very far away and all around the world. I enjoy eating pizza, pasta, sushi, macarons, chocolate and lots of other foreign food. Not to forget that I love watching movies or tv series that are produced in other countries. So I for myself really can not imagine how my life would end up living in a city without a big diversity and colorful variety of cultural events or even think about not having the opportunity to listen to different kinds of music here.

But unfortunately not all LEipzig people think or enjoy living this way. A new shift to right-wing thoughts and actions has been rising. There are initiatives against the new construction of a mosque, big agitations concerning the home for asylum seekers and discriminating entrance controls in clubs.

So this is what the Global Space Odyssey is all about this year: against national socialism and about welcoming refugees. Welcoming humans, that need to leave their country for several and always no fun reasons. Welcoming people who need a new and save place to live. Welcoming individuals, that enrich our city, our lives and thus our culture. Global Space Odyssey is an appeal to the public, not only to the younger party nerds but to everyone living here, to think about these matters.

Global Space Odyssey.

i am back! – with lots of news, news, news…


Well, it’s not August yet (and I am still in blogging pause modus), but I was thinking to stop by and say hello ’cause I have some announcements to make within the next few weeks and would like you to be well-prepared for that. ;-)

The first is coming up in a few days and I really hope you will like it.

Besides that, I was thinking to change the focus of this blog a bit. The first year of blogging was a really busy one for me. First I was thinking I only write down the things I do and like anyway. But then I got a bit lost and was thinking, what could be interesting for you or what place in LEipzig is worth to post about. And covering all interests – as you might know if you are a blogger as well and made this experience – it is a lot of work to do. Especially if you have high expectations on the quality of your pictures, photoshop skills and words. So somehow this actual hobby became my second full time job. And with that there was also a lot of planning involved, what kind of displaced the lightness and joy of spontaneous adventures. I also figured out, that there are tons of other blogs about LEipzig and great bloggers too that like to build up a collection of new shop openings, stylish places to eat and things that are going on in this town.

But, I have to admit, that’s no me. I am not a collector. I am always on the search for very special things, even if they might only attract my very own attention. So to figure out where to go with this blog I was thinking about all the things that I really am and that really interest me. (You will learn more about that on my what’s topa? page.) Only me. And only maybe you. And that is what I am going to write about from now on (and even if they won’t meet your taste, you will at least know that they exist.) ;-)

Basically, I continue to write about creativism. The funny thing is, this word creativism actually doesn’t really exist. Check the web, there are only vague descriptions. But for me, it is actually easy to explain. In my opinion creativism is the attitude to live a life thats focused on creating things, no matter if it’s music, recipes, literature, paintings or whatever needs time, leisure, talent and/or taste, know how and/or courage and patience. And love, of course. ;-)

So topa still means enjoying creativism and it’s great to be back with some of it very soon. :-)