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Well, let’s see what’s new here…

//// foryoursoul >> Sweet potato kumpir. I thought I invented it. But then I went out and saw it on a menu somewhere. So I didn’t. But mine with parsley, avocado and some Asian salad mix was delicious anyway! 

//// foryourears >> Ro made music. Again! He really has a creative flow since quite some time now. Which is great! So please enjoy “This Will Improve Your Reputation As A Music Collector” by Signalstoerung. It is noisy ambient, I would say, but go and find out yourself.

//// foryoureyes >> A few weeks ago Ro and I went to see Hartmut Kiewert’s exhibition “Animal Utopia” and really really liked it. His oil paintings are beyond beautiful, very well drawn and the idea/concept behind his art is very inspiring. He pictures happy animals roaming wild and free among human beings in urban and countryside settings, sometimes after they were freed from their painful lives in animal factories. I myself really do wish this scenario would come true someday.

//// foryourmind >> FrohFroh, Leipzig’s famous magazine for electronic music, featured our work for Adventurous Music! Ro and I are very happy about this kind of feedback and acknowledgement. It really means a lot to us that our work in music is seen. So thank you very much, FrohFroh, we feel very honored! :-) 

01*20 //


Happy 2020!

I really hope you had a good start into the new century! To make it a good one, here are my first recommendations. ;-)

//// foryoursoul >> Pea soup. With lamb’s lettuce, sesame, and spicy sausage from Czech Republic. 

//// foryourears >> I made music. It’s experimental electronica with a bit ritual and a concept that is all about indigenous people. You can learn more about, listen to and even buy the EP “Still” by INYAN. All proceeds are donated to an organization fighting for indigenous people’s rights.

//// foryoureyes >> Here we go with another episode of my so-called angry series. It’s “The Pigeon” by CR and you can see it on my website among all the other ones. It’s also available in A4 for print. All the bird posters are for free (unless you want to support an artist in need). Anyway, if you like to have one, just let me know.

//// foryourmind >> Nicole Zepter’s “Kunst hassen” (“Hating Art”) sums it up perfectly: contemporary art has become boring. There is no progression, you can find the same and most of the time meaningless stuff everywhere. So the author puts it wonderfully: “Es wäre einfach nur schön, wenn mal wieder jemand nicht gefallen möchte.” (“It would just be nice if once again someone doesn’t want to please.”)

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Please make it yourself comfortable and be prepared for lots of brain candy this time. ;-)

//// foryoursoul >> This is a beautiful coconut bowl with a pumpkin soup in it that also includes tons of parsley and cashews. So good! (Thanx, Ro!)

//// foryourears >> Ro wrote the music, I drew the picture. “Sale” by Hendekagon & Signalstoerung is Part Three of the Adventurous Music Cardboard Series and discusses psychological pricing strategies and its effect on buyers. Go get it – or not. ;-)

//// foryoureyes >> I am so very happy I took the time to create a view more episodes of my so-called angry series. This one is called “The Sparrow by CR” and you can see it on my website among all the other ones. It’s also available in A4 for print. If you like to have one, just let me know.

//// foryourmind >> Consumerism? No, thank you! I’ve read “Haben oder Sein” (“To Have or To Be”) by Erich Fromm. This book is from 1976 and society basically hasn’t changed since then!! What Fromm says is still so relevant these days, it’s very shocking. This book is full of paragraphs I could recite, but I chose this one: “Die Angst und Unsicherheit, die durch die Gefahr entsteht, zu verlieren, was man hat, gibt es in der Existenzweise des Seins nicht. Wenn ich bin, der ich bin und nicht, was ich habe, kann mich niemand berauben oder meine Sicherheit und mein Identitätsgefühl bedrohen.” (“The fear and insecurity that comes from the danger of losing what you have does not exist in the existence of being. If I am who I am and not what I have, nobody can rob me or threaten my security and my sense of identity.”).

Have the happiest holidays ever! :-) 

11*19 //


Dear reader,

Posting in time this time! ;-)

//// foryoursoul >> Let’s have some plum pie like my grandma used to make it.  

//// foryourears >> Turn on this chilly ambient tunes called “The Contemporaneity of Six Moments” by Hendekagon (aka Ro).

//// foryoureyes >> Have a look at one of my latest illustrations and my poem that comes with it:

“Hello, hello, hello! // My name is crow // And I believe // I’m smarter than you know.

So you wonder what’s my specialty? // Well, it’s called object permanancee. // That means I remember where I did put my food // In all the different spots of your fancy neighborhood.

A bit of soil or some loose ground // Is where I hide what I’ve just found. // But let me tell you it’s hard these days // With all these concrete walls and ways.

So I have figured it’s much easier for me// To just take your leftovers that I find under some tree // Or next to a bench or at the riverbank // Or ___ (You know what, I’ll leave that blank!).

It’s pizza in boxes or Asian takeaway. // I always get lucky, I’m quite a gourmet (now) // Because you don’t care about the mess you leave behind // We crows all wonder about your filthy kind!”

//// foryourmind >> And now enjoy some dark story and amazing drawings in “Die unheimliche Bibliothek” by Haruki Murakami.

Happy autum! :-)