spring food // couscous salad


Since spring is somehow around the corner, I feel like shifting my eating habits from heavy winter meals to more fresh and light foods. Therefore, this couscous salad is perfect, cause you can eat it as a side dish of some roasted root vegetables, grilled fish/meat or a fried egg, or have it just like it is – vegan. It is also perfect for this transition in nourishment because it contains ingredients you probably ate during the winter anyway but just in another way of preparation. Plus, it includes a secret ingredient – orange blossom water.

I’ve never had orange blossom water before, but then a friend gave it to me as a birthday present. It has an almost oily consistency and a very strong taste, so you don’t want to use it pure. But if you add only a tiny amount, it will freshen up your meal and give it a very nice flavor. So here is how to make this salad.


You will need:

1 cup of couscous

1 apple

1 carrot

1/2 cup of raisins

some dill

1 tablespoon orange blossom water (or more or less, just as you like it)

some salt to taste

And here is how to make it in 15 minutes:

Bring some water to boil.

Meanwhile, wash your apple and clean your carrot. Remove the kernels of the apple and cut the apple and carrot into thin slices or tiny cubes. Clean your dill and cut it into small pieces.

Add the boiling water to your couscous, let it steep until the water is gone (about 10 minutes). Then stir the couscous and first add the carrots. If you want your carrots not totally raw and crispy, add them earlier to the couscous, maybe right away with the boiling water. When the couscous and carrots are almost room temperature, add the apple cubes, raisins, dill, and orange water. To finish it, add some salt to taste, maybe, if you like, also some black pepper or chili.


After all, this salad is loaded with tons of vitamins and for its raw + cooked, sweet, sour + salty, warm + cold, soft + crispy, fresh + dried elements also an ayurvedic dish.

Have a great weekend!

illustrations // black and white


I am on Instagram now with some of my black and white illustrations.

I was looking for and thinking about a cool and easy way to select and present my favorite drawings. Until now they were hidden among all kind of scribblings in different sketchpads and sketchbooks. I almost forgot some of them, because I didn’t enjoy going through these books that much. So last Sunday I selected my top 20 and put them on Instagram. Not because I was fishing for compliments or something like that, I just wanted to see them all together “exhibited”. Yet the feedback I’ve got somehow made my day. :-)

And then I came across this – in my opinion – extremely inspirational illustrator.

Have a fun weekend!

PS: It’s actually my top 19 and one of them draw Ro.

inspired by // jackson pollock


During the holidays, Ro and I watched this movie about Jackson Pollock. Ro in particular already was a big fan of this painter’s work. Me not so much, but after watching this drama, I really wanted to dive into abstract expressionism and action painting.

And so we did. I remembered the canvases in my tiny art chamber sitting there for several years. After deciding which one to use, I pulled out some acrylic colors and paintbrushes and quickly changed our living room into a creative workplace.

Each one of us chose a color and then started to sprinkle it in a certain way. If you think that’s easy – no, it’s not. You really have to get into the technique and figure out the results of each move you make. It’s not just splashing paint. Almost every drop and brushstroke turned out different than we expected. Usually, I prefer things turn out as planned but, in this case, I enjoyed being surprised and really liked the metamorphosis our painting took. We also used a bit too much water first, so all the colors got mixed up. But in the end, I love how our masterpiece turned out and appreciate every little detail and creature I can see in it. ;-)

So do you like abstract expressionism? And do you have a favorite painter?

PS: One of those pictures has a little eye in it, can you see it?

female authors // an actress + a musician + a comedian + an organizing consultant


The books I have been reading lately somehow are all written by women. Here are the ones I can highly recommend:

Lena Dunham: Not That Kind Of Girl: It took me some time to like the TV show Girls that is written by Lena Dunham. But now I can’t wait for the next season to begin and meanwhile I enjoyed reading this autobiographical book. Just like in the series, Lena Dunham tells very intimate things about herself and her life in a very pure and honest but also pretty funny tone.

My favorite quote is from the chapter “17 Things I Learned from My Father”: “All children are amazing artists. It’s the grown-ups you have to worry about.”

Björk: This is a very beautiful book of the amazing musician, Björk. It is from 2001 and contains texts Björk and others have written and pictures of Björk that were taken by different photographers. The book was created in collaboration with the Paris-based design label M/M and it’s more like an artwork itself than just a usual book.

My favorite quote is from the chapter “A Call Of The Wild, a conversation with Sir David Attenborough”. Björk says, “I have this romantic idea that I am an animal because I don’t think humans are any different from animals.”

Mindy Kaling: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?: Watching Mindy in her shows is hilarious and so was reading her book. I literally read it having her high and fast speaking voice in my head. She tells interesting things about her life and career and gives some background info about the shows she is/was writing for. 

My favorite quote is from the chapter “When You’re Not Skinny, This Is What People Want You to Wear”: “Poncho: Nothings says ‘English is not my first language’ like me in a poncho.” 

Marie Kondo: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: This wasn’t the first book I read on decluttering, creating a more simple lifestyle and letting go. But then I was thinking, despite the fact I certainly wouldn’t learn anything new, a little refreshing of some aspects would be a good motivation before starting the actual work. Surprisingly I learned new things, mostly ways how to fold my clothes. And they do work! Actually, I was thinking I am a minimalist already (compared to others), but after three days of KonMari, I still had several huge plastic bags and boxes with stuff to let go or to give away or for donation. 

My favorite quote: “Keep only those things that speak to your heart.”

Have fun reading!