02*19 //


While I am writing this, the sun is shining so hot, one might actually think it’s spring already. But I somehow feel winter is not over yet and so I am posting some hot stuff. ;-)

//// foryoursoul >> This dish is so easy to make and extremely tasty, too. It is mashed potatoes, Brussel’s sprouts with caraway seeds, bacon, and parmesan. 

//// foryourears >> I am glad, Ro has such an exceptional taste in music and is always on the search for outstanding artists for his events or podcasts. Well, here we go with his latest mix, it’s called “Invitation To The Voyage”, is neo-classic tunes and features music by Julia Kent. Enjoy!

//// foryoureyes >> This blanket! Between all the blankets we own, this is the most beautiful and also the warmest one. It’s the “Blanket of Knowledge” and its design is based on a Chilkat blanket from the 19th century. The Chilkat tribe is one of many indigenous Tlingit tribes from the northwest coast of America, and they are known for their traditional form of weaving. I got this blanket for Ro because he likes Tlingit and Haida artwork very much and because it’s a native-made blanket from a native-owned company.

//// foryourmind >> And now we are in Japan. “The Little Book of IKIGAI – The Essential Japanese Way To Finding Your Purpose In Life” by Ken Mogi is an interesting one to read. Not because of the so-called five pillars of ikigai, I kind of already knew them from my so-called Zen-studies (see former posts). It’s because of the practical examples the author uses to describe those principles further. They are very fascinating and insightful. My favorite quote from this book is: “Attitudes are reflected in people’s actions. A person who believes that there is god inside an item will approach life differently from one who doesn’t.” This, in my opinion, is also the answer to the question, why Marie Kondo thanks each item before letting it go. It does have a life! So please be mindful with all the little things … and have a happy spring!


01*19 //


Hello, 2019! Last year, I thought a lot about what to do with this blog because it seems like everyone blogs now or shares their favorites on social media. After feeling a bit overdosed by seeing so many non-essential things online, I decided to leave the blogosphere for good. But then I couldn’t somehow, and I set my goal for 2019 instead: to focus even more on the little but good things that come into my life – and share them (ad-free and not sponsored). After all, recommending outstanding creative output and supporting small and eco-friendly businesses and/or unconventional art was the reason I even started topa. So here I am, 2019. I am looking forward to you. :-)

//// foryoursoul >> This color is real! And so is this soup. Its tomato soup with portobello mushrooms, lamb’s lettuce, and parmesan. This soup is very easy and totally inexpensive to make. All organic, all good. Contact me for the recipe, if you like. 

//// foryourears >> On Jan. 19, Naviar Records released an album called “5 years of naviar haiku” feat. Hendekagon’s “No Moon Yet”. It’s a pretty cool, minimal and also kind of mystic song, so have fun listening. Hendakagon is Ro’s other project when it comes to more ambient but clear and melodic electronica.

//// foryoureyes >> (Actually, also foryourears, haha!) For our anniversary, Ro gave me these beautiful earrings. They are created by Mitchell Zephier, the owner of Lakota Visions, a traditional Native American small business from South Dakota. In these silver earrings are small inlays of blue lapis and red pipestone. They are very beautiful and powerful as well since they represent Chief Crazy Horse’s lightning shield. I just love them.

//// foryourmind >> I am currently reading about ten different books. Or more. Maybe less. This book by the founder of the Idler pictured above I am going to finish today or tomorrow. Maybe this weekend. Wait, no, we have guests and concert tickets, no time here. Anyway… Tom Hodgkinson’s “Anleitung zum Müßiggang”//”How To Be Idle” is just so funny – but true and great! Among the many parts worth a quotation I choose this one: “Der echte Müßiggänger hat den Wunsch, ständig ein gutes Leben zu haben, nicht nur an Samstagabenden. Und die wahre Lehre des Hedonismus ist, dass wir versuchten sollten, alle Momente zu genießen, nicht bloß die, in denen wir außer Rand und Band sind. Zeit sollte man auskosten, nicht ertragen. Der Hedonismus sollte Ideen liefern, wie man leben könnte; er sollte nicht zur Lebensart an sich werden, denn das ist nicht durchzuhalten.” // “The real idler desires to have a good life all the time, not only on Saturday evenings. The true lesson of hedonism is that we should try to enjoy all moments, not just those in which we party. Time should be savored, not endured. Hedonism should provide ideas on how to live; it should not become a way of life in itself, because that is not sustainable.”

December Favo​rites :: organic deer, buycott & a bit more


Enjoy my final post for 2018!

#foryoursoul: It’s the first time in my entire life that I made deer. It’s from Gut Hirschaue, an organic deer farm in East Germany, and it was so good! I made it with mixed baked veggies and homemade raspberry souse. 

#foryourears: Ro’s podcast #86 I Can’t Give Up On Your Spirit” for Adventurous Music features music by Antony & The Johnsons. So beautiful, so sad.

#foryoureyes: “Before They Pass Away” by Jimmy Nelson has been on my wishlist for years! I’ve written about this before, but with globalization comes the fact, that anything traditional is fading. So this book and its stunning pictures show how some indigenous people once lived.

#foryourmind: Buycott is the in my opinion perfect app for minimalists and people aiming for a more mindful lifestyle. The app shows where products come from and where to get fair, sustainable and ecological alternatives instead.

Well, goodbye 2018! :-)

November Favo​rites :: homemade pasta, industrial sounds & a bit more


With one week delay, I am back with the things that inspired me most this month.

#foryoursoul: This November, I tried to make pasta for the very first time in my entire life. And they were delicious! ;-) I made them with broccoli, cranberries, almonds, parsley, and a bit chili. Sooo good! 

#foryourears: This is Ro’s latest outcome. Podcast #84 called “A Wine Called Anarchy” features music by Pankow. I really like their industrial sounds, it takes me back to good times.

#foryoureyes: A friend of mine introduced me to the YouTube channel of 李子柒 and I love it. I like watching films on how things are made in general, but all her traditional cooking and creating is so inspiring. It really opens my ethnologist’s heart.

#foryourmind: Since I found “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron recommended so many times, I was thinking to get my own copy. I haven’t read it in total already, but reading the very first pages, I can already understand why it is so popular. I started to try out the in this book recommended morning pages and can really see positive results coming from that writing. So I am looking forward to more insights from this book.

Alright, enjoy the holiday season! :-)