watched // movies about free spirits


Well, it took me some time to create a headline that describes the content of all these movies. It was kinda hard, ’cause they are all so dissimilar, but since they spoke to me somehow I was thinking that there has to be a common ground. And then there it was: All of the protagonists are pretty unique people, sometimes very creative, most of the times young (of age or at heart), but most of it all they are all some kind of free spirits.

#I Being And Becoming. This is a great documentary by Clara Bellar about homeschooling and unschooling. It presents kids and their families that decided to learn what’s important for their very own life. And, above all, it shows that they have been successful with their choice of learning and way of living and that there is so much more that matters while growing up besides school grades. So if you or your kids are dissatisfied and/or unhappy with the things schools provide in your country, this might be a film for you.

#II Iris. I was wanting to watch this documentary by Albert Maysles for such a long time. It is a great one. Iris Apfel is a great one. At the age of 94 years now, she still is a fashion icon and muse to so many fashion and interior designers. Even though I as a minimalist would go crazy with all the stuff she owns, it was interesting to see how she had a career and how she manages life and business today. While watching all of these colorful objects she is wearing and living with, I somethings felt like being in a fairytale. I didn’t know her before and I thought she might be a crazy chick, but after watching her I think she is a very sweet and somehow rooted and also kinda calm person.

#III Whiplash. What a nerve ripping movie! This film by Damien Chazelle is about a very talented drum player and his overambitious and really crazy teacher that strongly reminded me of my own guitar teacher at school (who also used to bring her students to tears with cruel and harsh teaching methods). So this is a thriller with powerful and convincing artists and great music as well.

#IV Du Vent Dans Mes Mollets. This truly is a beautiful movie by Carine Tardieau that tells of the friendship between two little girls. It’s a comedy/drama and a perfect film for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

So what movies/documentaries about free spirits can you recommend these days?

PS: The pictures are from here: I, II, III, and IV.

recommended listening // sleepstep by dasha rush


Here we go with another female artist on Raster Noton, Dasha Rush. Her album “Sleepstep. Sonar Poems For My Sleepless Friends” is something I enjoy listening to these days of early autumn. It is kind of ambient and minimal Electronica with warm sound structures and sometimes deep and calm voices.

Dasha Rush is a DJane and Techno producer from Russia that is currently touring the world (if you’re in Germany: Oct 17th, Unikat/Dresden). Below is a video by Vjit³ of the song “Time Whispers and Albert”. Enjoy!

PS: The album Sleepstep is also available on Amazon.

chutney // plum and pear


What to do with “leftover” plums and pears that are begging you eatme-eatme-eatme? You can either make a jam or prepare a chutney that is actually like making a jam but way easier.

Chutneys can be used in very different ways. They are basically a fruity sauce or dip for a sweet or salty food such as cheese or meat. Originally from India, they serve as a side dish and include a variety of ingredients. I’ve made mine as simple as possible and as neutral in taste as well, so I can add it to any food. I’ve already had mine on dark bread with vegan butter for breakfast and on top of quark (with a bit extra sugar) that I served as a dessert after a hearty main dish.

And here we go…


You will need – for 1 medium-sized twist-off jar:

250 g plum

1 pear

100 ml water

raw sugar and cinnamon as much as you prefer

And here is how to make it  – in 10 minutes:

Wash the fruits. Remove the stones and kernels and check the plums carefully, ’cause they tend to provide space for little worms you probably don’t want to eat.

Then cut the fruits into little pieces. Put all the fruits into a small pot, add the water and bring everything to boil. Cook the plums and pears for about 5 minutes and stir it every now and then while cooking. Add as much sugar and cinnamon as you like. That amount depends on the sweetness of your fruits. It sometimes happens that the fruits are very sweet, therefore you can add some lemon (zest) instead of sugar.

When the fruits are very soft and you already got some fruit juice it’s time to remove your pot from the oven. Let everything cool down a bit while washing your jar with clean cold water. Then fill it with your chutney. Let it cool down another few minutes and then close the jar with a very clean lid and turn it upside down. That helps to release air and steam. After that procedure, the chutney is good for about half a year and you are well-supplied for winter (but it won’t last that long, I promise! ;-)).



visiting // modern weimar


Hellohellohello! With a slight delay ;-) I am back from summer break.

So first of all, I left the city for a few days to visit … Weimar.

Yeap. The world-famous town in Thuringia that is known for anything classical (such as writers/poets like Goethe and Schiller). Actually, I place not that interesting for me (since I’ve had way too much of those back in school).

But I was looking for a short-distance destination where I can go easily by train (because I love riding the train). I also wanted to go to Thuringia, because that is where I spent every summer back in my childhood days and I’d started to miss that over the years. So when I came across a fantastic little hotel to stay for a few days, Weimar was the deal for this year’s summer vacation.

So here is a short summary what I discovered in Weimar that might be modern-style, hip, and interesting for you.

I stayed at Familienhotel Weimar, a hotel completely made out of wood and built in 2012. The rooms were very comfy and had minimalistic furniture (e.g. the tv hidden behind a blackboard) and almost smelled that good like a Finnish sauna. On the roof top was a small garden-like terrace where you could sit and chill all day long. It was located right next to all of the classical sights but in a very small alley which made it a very beautiful spot to stay.

// foryoursoul:

Gretchens: This is the restaurant on the first floor of this small hotel. I really liked the food they served and, in fact, it was the first time I really enjoyed risotto (that was made with peas and fresh mint).

Franz & Willi is a newly opened place for burger, but I for myself enjoyed their fried sweet potatoes.

San: I haven’t had a chance to eat at this Korean place since I was already full (from a pizza snack), but I really regretted not going there earlier, ’cause the place looked very welcoming.

Suppenbar Estragon: This is an organic soup bar that I, unfortunately, spotted the last night I was there when it was closed already.

// foryourears:

Ilmpark: There is this huge and beautiful park right next to all the sights and the hotel where I stayed. And there, you can listen to the river Ilm that splashes through some kind of hilly terrain, underneath various bridges and along huge cottonwood trees. A beautiful and chilly place to go in the early morning hours.

Roxanne: If you love Metal, this bar, located at the marketplace, is made for you. I am not a Metal fan at all, but it was nice to see some alternative people and to have some good drinks too.

// foryoureyes:

Bauhaus museum: This is a very nice little location for fans of this era. It’s only one floor and really not big, but if you want to see some cool and about a hundred years old interior design (e.g. different chairs), it’s the place to be.

ACC: I didn’t make it to this gallery, but it is on my list for the next visit.

Giardino: This is the most amazing pizza place I have ever seen. Really, if you are in Weimar, you should go there. They have a huge and beautiful garden and an outdoor kitchen that looks awesome at night. But really, it’s only worth looking, the menu is not that fancy at all and it’s pricey too (and, therefore, some kind of a tourist trap).

// foryourmind:

schauschau: This little shop sells clothing and bags and accessories made by little manufacturers in and around Weimar that use organic fabrics.

Arthographie-Werkstatt: If you like minimalistic and maybe 1950s-like looking stationery, go there. At least, that is what I spotted there and I am glad the shop was closed, ’cause otherwise I would have spent a looot of money.

So with my focus on these things my short stay in this beautiful city of Weimar was really amazing. Have you ever been to Weimar and if so, what are the places you enjoyed while being there? Since I am planning to go back to Weimar some day, what places and things should I see?