05*19 //


Hello again!

//// foryoursoul >> Have you ever heard of Prampany kal? It’s the first Sorbian dish I ever made after I had it at a friend’s place and liked it a lot. So easy to make, so yummy! 

//// foryourears >> A couple of days ago, Signalstoerung’s album “UU” on Hymen Records was released. If you enjoyed listening to his first Hymen release called “S” from 2018 I am sure you will like this one, too.

//// foryoureyes >> I have been busy myself and created some art you will find and partly get on corinaretzlaff.com from now on. So hello and welcome!

//// foryourmind >> This time it’s art to think about, and with “Is This Art?” by Signalstoerung, Part Two of the Adventurous Music Cardboard Series tries to get behind the value of art. Any kind of art.

Well, have fun with all the good things and see you again soon! :-)


04*19 //


Happy Birthday, topa! Six years old and still pretty cool, right?

//// foryoursoul >> As always, I also created these chocolate cookies from scratch. Their main ingredient is kaowach cocoa. They were so mmh… 

//// foryourears >> It is here! The Adventurous Music label! It’s the first sustainable music label with physical music because there is no plastic involved, it’s all cardboard with art by CR on the cover and a download link on the back! And this is its first release, “Religiös Unmusikalisch” by Hendekagon. It’s limited to 25, so go go go get your copy via adventurousmusic.bandcamp.com!

//// foryoureyes >> Have you been to the Yoko Ono exhibition? If you’re in LE, you really should go! It’s stunning and overwhelming and very esthetic and minimal to some point.

//// foryourmind >> I came across “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss so many times already that I took it as a sign and listened to the audiobook I found on archive.org. I, unfortunately, don’t have a single outstanding quote for you, but if you think that time is the most precious thing you have in life, this (audio)book is one for you.

Enjoy the sun and smell the flowers! :-)

03*19 //


Dear reader,

Have yourself a nice bowl of organic salad and enjoy the music and goodies I prepared for you.

//// foryoursoul >> I can eat any kind of salad all year long. This is one I came up with when we invited friends over for Korean BBQ. It is Chinese cabbage, asia cabbage mix, peanuts, chili, orange slices and a sweat and sour homemade vinaigrette. It is one of my favorite salads so far.

//// foryourears >> I am happy to announce the next mix created by Ro. In February, Ro a.k.a. Signalstoerung got to DJ at the weekly FCKW night at Sowiewir, which is a cool bar/gallery. So for those who couldn’t be there: please enjoy “Tales From Dark Places”, which is the whole playlist of Ro’s set from that night cut into two parts. The first part is more dark ambient, the second part rather techno. 

//// foryoureyes >> I am also super happy to announce my first designed wrapping paper! I always wanted to create something like this, so I finally came around to do it these past weeks. It’s a wrapping paper out of recycled paper for minimalists because of it’s size with an original design of an uplifting grey heron I created using the watercolor technique. It’s part of my so-called and limited grey heron collection that you can buy alltogether in my newly-launched Etsy shop. Wohoo! ;-)

//// foryourmind >> I am currently reading Tom Hodgkinsons “Schöne Alte Welt”//”Brave Old World”). I am only half-way through, but it’s been hilarious so far and quite eye-opening for a city girl like me who actually always dreamed of living on a farm. Well, maybe later. I also love the magic that comes with a fireplace, so here is my favorite quote regarding this topic: “Das Holz knackt und knistert. Feuer zu machen ist ein sinnlicher Genuss. (…) Sie (die alte Welt) war in sinnlichen Dingen erheblich reicher als die unsrige. (…) Wir laufen durch ein Techno-Utopia und verwenden keinen Gedanken auf die vergnügliche Kunst, uns selbst zu wärmen.”//”The wood crackles and rustles. Making a fire is a sensual pleasure. (…) She (the old world) was considerably richer in sensual things than ours. (…) We walk through a techno-utopia and do not think about the pleasurable art of warming ourselves.”

Well, have a good time! :-)

02*19 //


While I am writing this, the sun is shining so hot, one might actually think it’s spring already. But I somehow feel winter is not over yet and so I am posting some hot stuff. ;-)

//// foryoursoul >> This dish is so easy to make and extremely tasty, too. It is mashed potatoes, Brussel’s sprouts with caraway seeds, bacon, and parmesan. 

//// foryourears >> I am glad, Ro has such an exceptional taste in music and is always on the search for outstanding artists for his events or podcasts. Well, here we go with his latest mix, it’s called “Invitation To The Voyage”, is neo-classic tunes and features music by Julia Kent. Enjoy!

//// foryoureyes >> This blanket! Between all the blankets we own, this is the most beautiful and also the warmest one. It’s the “Blanket of Knowledge” and its design is based on a Chilkat blanket from the 19th century. The Chilkat tribe is one of many indigenous Tlingit tribes from the northwest coast of America, and they are known for their traditional form of weaving. I got this blanket for Ro because he likes Tlingit and Haida artwork very much and because it’s a native-made blanket from a native-owned company.

//// foryourmind >> And now we are in Japan. “The Little Book of IKIGAI – The Essential Japanese Way To Finding Your Purpose In Life” by Ken Mogi is an interesting one to read. Not because of the so-called five pillars of ikigai, I kind of already knew them from my so-called Zen-studies (see former posts). It’s because of the practical examples the author uses to describe those principles further. They are very fascinating and insightful. My favorite quote from this book is: “Attitudes are reflected in people’s actions. A person who believes that there is god inside an item will approach life differently from one who doesn’t.” This, in my opinion, is also the answer to the question, why Marie Kondo thanks each item before letting it go. It does have a life! So please be mindful with all the little things … and have a happy spring!