March Favorites :: a homemade wrap, a thrilling novel & a few more


I know, I am one week late with this post, but I had to first finish this book pictured above before sharing it in this post. ;-)

#foryoursoul: This is an unfolded wrap, guys. We love eating wraps around here but rarely make them ourselves. So this is a start, I guess. It’s with green pesto and filled with tuna, eggs, red pepper, tomato and different sorts of salad. Easy to make and sooo tasty.

#foryourears: “Click Index” is another one of Ro’s podcasts. This time he features music from one of our favorite artists, Alva Noto. It’s the purest electronic sound I can think of mixed with some clicks and cuts. Really cool. Btw, there is one more podcast Ro did this month (He is such a busy bee!), so check out this one called “Cold Suns” by Hotel Neon, too! ;-)

#foryoureyes: One Sunday in early March, Ro and I walked the city again. And on our way back home from far west we came across this beautiful little café called Ocka in Lindenau. It looked very welcoming so we decided to give it a try and have a break from our march. Well, we first had some vegan homemade almond and raspberry cake and later on a mixed breakfast. We also enjoyed organic lemonade and fair trade coffee and kinda wished Ocka was closer to our neighborhood so we could come back more often.

#foryourmind: After binge-watching Marvel’s Jessica Jones I did some research on Krysten Ritter and learned that she recently had published a book called “Bonfire”. After reading non-fiction books consecutively, I was in the mood for a change and got this book right away. What a good idea! It is a dark novel about an environmental lawyer having a case in her former hometown, where strange things happened about ten years ago and where she starts digging in the town’s and her very own past. It’s a pretty gripping thriller and my favorite quote is the one that rings in the protagonist’s head several times: “Your problem, Abby, isn’t that you can’t draw. It’s that you can’t see.”

Thanks for being here, happy Easter and talk to you soon! :-)


February Favorites :: ambient tunes, winter wonderland & a few more


Dear reader, how are you doing? My February has been pretty busy with work at first and then (and still) pretty chilly with vacation and a couple of days off, which I appreciate a lot right now.

#foryoursoul: I am quite interested in the effects fasting brings, but I figured that I cannot live one single day without food. But I sure can live a couple of days with just eating soups or a chowder. So this chicken ramen soup is one of my favorite dishes during cold winter days. It consists of homemade organic chicken broth, ramen, Portobello mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, nori leaves, a hard-boiled egg and some spices. If you are interested in the full recipe, just e-mail me.

#foryourears: “Moon Logic” is Ro’s latest podcast. It’s pure ambient, chilly, smooth, a little bit dark towards the end but perrrfect for a sunny winter afternoon.

#foryoureyes: Last week I spent a couple of days in the beautiful woods of Vogtland. It really was a winter wonderland and I guess I have never ever seen before such huge conifers beautifully covered with snow. They looked as if someone had carefully sprinkled powdered sugar on top of each of them. They really looked surreal and I couldn’t stop looking at them. They were just amazing.

#foryourmind: I got Frenk Meeuwsen’s graphic novel “Zen ohne Meister” (“Zen without a master”) for Valentine’s Day and I finished it right on the next day. It is a really good book, very entertaining and informative. I especially enjoyed the author’s drawing style. But the most fascinating part for me was in the very end, when he – while explaining the art of calligraphy (and maybe the art of zen at all) – said, “Das Weiß des Untergrundes ist eine Gegebenheit … doch durch das Auftragen der schwarzen Tusche wird es lebendig … Am Anfang konzentriert man sich so auf die Linie … auf die Pinselspitze … dass man die restliche Form völlig aus den Augen verliert … Die Zwischenräume … Das Weiß … Darum dreht sich alles … Eigentlich darf man das Schwarz gar nicht beachten … wenn man zeichnet …” (“The white of the ground is a fact … but when applying the black ink, it comes alive … In the beginning, you focus that much on the line … on the brush tip … that the rest of the form completely gets out of sight  … The gaps … The white … That’s what it’s all about … Actually you rather do not pay any attention to the black … when you draw … “)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a good time and talk to you soon! ;-)

January Favorites :: easy biscuit, challenging creativity & a few more


Happy New Year everyone! May it bring tons of time for creativity! I already challenged myself several times this very first month of 2018 and it feels good so far.

#foryoursoul: Once I got this biscuit called Huckelkuchen (wavy biscuit) for my birthday. It’s been a while since then but at the beginning of this year I finally came across its recipe. You only need a few things such as egg yolks, flour, oil and schnapps (to get it wavy) and it’s ready to eat after only twenty minutes! So when you are craving sweets like I did one day, it’s made faster than your walk will take to the bakery around the corner. If you’re interested in the recipe, let me know!

#foryourears: “Silent Season X” is another great podcast Ro created.

#foryoureyes: In January, I found more and more time to pursue my favorite activity called drawing/illustrating. I also tried out different techniques such as pastels, coffee watercoloring and dotting, and I very much enjoyed drawing hair and feathers. Some of the pictures were gifts such as the portrait of my friends. Feel free to check out my updated portfolio.

#foryourmind: The author Eckart Tolle has crossed my path several times in 2017, so I was very happy when my friend A. gave me this book called “A New Earth. Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose”. It was such an eye-opener and answered all of my questions regarding the ego. I reflected on so many things in my life and asked myself again and again whether a thing or action is feeding my ego or simply makes me happy and that’s it. I guess I never read a book before where I marked so many things as in this one, but here is one of my favorite quotes: “The joy of Being, which is the only true happiness, cannot come to you through any form, possession, achievement, person, or event – through anything that happens. That joy cannot come to you – ever. It emanates from the formless dimension within you, from consciousness itself and thus is one with who you are.”

Well, that’s it for today! Happy February! ;-)

December Favorites :: lots of energy, zero waste & a few more


Hello again, how are you doing? Yesterday there was the Winter Solstice, so I hope and already feel that there is more light coming soon – also metaphorically speaking. I am planning to have relaxed holidays and a chilling transition into the New Year and since I like you to have the same, here are my recommendations for a good time.

#foryoursoul: These energy balls are super yummy. They basically consist of dates, sesame, cocoa powder and a bit coconut oil. Just cut the dates in tiny pieces, then mix the sesame, dates and coconut oil until you have an even mixture. Then create little balls and roll those in cocoa powder. Put it in your fridge and have it as a sweet treat along with a cup of tea.

#foryourears: While having the energy balls snack and cup of tea, turn on this ambient podcast called “Songs of Purification” Ro created.

#foryourmind: While having the energy balls snack and cup of tea along with this nice music, I very much recommend to read one of these inspiring books called “Zero Waste Home” by Bea Johnson and “Besser leben ohne Plastik” by Anneliese Bunk and Nadine Schubert. These books have changed our minds and we are in transition to – at first – a plastic-free lifestyle. That comes in handy with our vision for a more minimalist lifestyle, and trying out the things recommended in these books and coming up with new eco-friendly ways to live is a really fun and rewarding challenge. Bea Johnson came up with the so-called “5 Rs” that now ring as some kind of mantra in my ears: “Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot.” So they basically mean the following: Refuse to buy or get what you don’t need. Reduce what you need and cannot refuse. Reuse what you consume and cannot refuse or reduce. Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse and rot (compost) the rest. Bea Johnson also says, that you will save a lot of money living a zero waste lifestyle and we are very surprised how already going minimal proofed this statement to be true. So we are very much looking forward to our zero waste goals in 2018!

#foryoureyes: After having the energy balls snack and cup of tea along with this nice music and inspiring books … get out in the park or forest. Walk up a hill or beside a lake and digest what you ate, listened to and read before. Enjoy your movement in the cold, focus on the snow, the trees, and wild animals, just feel the silence of nature. And when you come back into your cozy home, start all over again!

I wish you the best holidays ever! Happy New Year! :-)