summer // break


This little cutie definitely made my day! He kept me busy this whole Monday morning because first of all he was sleeping in “my” magpie’s home! Which, of course, made the magpies very angry so they were yelling non-stop as loud as they could. First I was thinking there is some dead rat or something in that nest because it’s actually too small for this little raccoon dude that seems bigger than my cat. But he must have totally rolled himself up until he fitted in. First I missed him when he was leaving his bed. But then again, the magpies gave me a sign. And there he was, and so was I. ;-)

Okay, after this short episode on living in a tree I am leaving for summer break. I am having some plans such as visiting with friends, exploring this city and others and just give myself a little break from the desk.

Meanwhile, you can check out these cool things I recently came across:

#1 foryoursoul // Check out this veggie juice with raw sweet potatoes. Sounds delicious!

#2 foryourears // If you enjoy Dub you’ll love “A Short Introduction to Mick Harris”. It’s the perfect music for a hot summer day.

#3 foryoureyes // I fell in love with Grace and Franky and cannot wait for the next season to come.

#4 foryourmind // Welcoming postcards for refugees in Freital/Saxony/Germany. What a wonderful idea!

Enjoy the summer, I’ll be back soon! :-)

snack time // patisserie l’oriental


There is this new place right around my corner. It is called Patisserie L’oriental and it has a nearly endless amount of really great snacks. Most of them are dried fruits with no added sugar or anything else. They also have lots of nuts and other sweets.

The first time I went there I got dates filled with walnuts, little date/coconut balls filled with pistachios, a small chocolate muffin (it always has to be chocolate ;-)), some Turkish nougat and then something similar but made with orange (cheeeeewy), some baklawa-ish roll filled with peanuts, and dried dragonfruit – the most incredible purple thing I ever ate. And, not to forget, roasted chickpeas.

I already saw another cool thing which was something like crystallized lemon slices. Even thinking about them makes my mouth watering, so I guess I need to get those pretty soon.

After all, I think these snacks are a good substitute for chocolate which I snack all day long while working (not good…).

Have a sweet weekend! :-)

mindful styling // high quality organic basics


Recently I’ve learned that I am normcore when it comes to fashion. Which basically means, I am hardcore normal, a.k.a. my look is boring.

Well, well, well… Despite the fact that I do have a handful fancy pants, printed (band) shirts, colorful skirts, and offbeat dresses in my closet, I am proud to admit, I love wearing basics. I feel most comfortable being dressed as minimal-designed as possible and not wearing any certain brand, having a favorite style or following the latest trend. What means, plain black or white or other monochrome shirts in combination with a black, gray or blue jeans are the things I prefer. Which I don’t think is boring at all, especially when it comes to the quality of these clothes.

Speaking of quality… I think basics are the things you can get everywhere at any time. Most of the times they are also pretty affordable.

But then I decided to wear organic basics. Why? Because I thought, I eat organic, my cosmetics are organic, so why not covering my largest organ, the skin, with organic fabrics too? There is a huge metabolism happening throughout our skin consistently, so I don’t want it to be mixed with chemical products.

And then a big research was needed that brought so much frustration and almost no results. Because organic clothing is not always good-looking. What I wanted were simple basics, nothing too fancy, but also nothing that would put a label on me. Plus, I was looking for clothes of high quality (means I wanted them keeping their shape, color, and size) but at the same time they shouldn’t be super expensive.

And so I found Stanley & Stella. And I love it. In my opinion, they do everything right when it comes to basics. They use organic fabrics such as organic cotton (see the v-neck t-shirt called Stella Shows), tencel (like the oversized flowing batwing t-shirt called Stella Flows), which is basically cellulose, a.k.a. wood, and recycled polyester (as in the zipped hoodie called Stella Travels and raglan sleeve hoodie called Stella Says). They’re also sustainable in any kind of way. For an example, they have high working standards, recycle the spinning yarns, use solar energy for producing and recycled materials for packing. Plus, they promote sea shipping.

I also think that these basics don’t look boring at all, especially when you come a little closer and see a little eyecatcher here and there such as different colored stitches, large draw cords, rough cut reinforced seams or a metallic zipper. I guess I might have about ten items in my closet right now which I love dearly and wear almost all around the clock. So organic clothing doesn’t have to look strange or be expensive. ;-)

PS: Writing this I discovered in the back of my closet a nice organic dress which I have for almost seven years now. So there might be an upcoming post about non-normcore organic clothes… We’ll see.

watched // artist’s documentaries

artists docs

At least once a week I watch a documentary about an artist. I love getting an insight to an artist’s personal life with its ups and downs that somehow find its way into the artist’s work.

So here are four documentaries I have seen lately and can highly recommend:

#I Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present. Actually, I am not so much into performing arts since most of the times I just don’t get it. But I’ve heard and read a lot about this documentary and somehow I was thinking, I give it a try. And I so don’t regret watching it (even though I’ve had to cry). Marina Abramovic is such a charismatic and strong person, and her performance, The Artist is Present, is such a minimalist but also (or, therefore) a very impressive and moving one. All of her work is based on using her body to express her feelings or situations that might appear in a relationship and, therefore, just to make it as clear as possible for the audience, she goes beyond her personal limits and pain barriers all the time. So it’s a must-watch!

#II Cobain – Montage of Heck. Again, I never was a fan of Kurt Cobain’s music, even though I grew up listening to Nirvana because it was played in every club in the 1990s. I also only knew a few aspects of Kurt Cobain’s life, probably the facts everybody else knows: famous musician/addiction/complicated relationship/early death. And then I learned that his ex-wife and daughter were making this documentary and so I was like, that feels strange somehow, I guess I need to watch it. And so I did. Well, what to say… I am sorry for Kurt Cobain. Really, I mean it. I guess he really was a talented musician and he sure wanted to do everything right. Unfortunately, he was surrounded by many people that didn’t recognize and love him the way he was. I don’t want to get into more details for those of you who didn’t watch it yet. But for some reasons, this documentary is very strange indeed and a very sad one too. 

#III A City Is An Island. Technically, I didn’t watch this documentary yet since it is out now for only a few months in Canada and not available on DVD yet. Buuut, I watched the trailer and I can’t wait to see the whole documentary. It’s about the artist’s scene in Montréal, one of my favorite cities in the world. There are interviews and reviews regarding this documentary on the WWW telling how unique, inspiring and forgiving Montréal’s artist scene is – all aspects that might be taken into account in this documentary. So stay tuned!

#IV I Am Big BirdOf course I watched this documentary about Caroll Spinney because when there is someone dedicating his life to the children of the world while authentically being (not acting!) emotional, empathic, and caring  in a large and challenging costume, he surely is a person I want to learn more about. Well, I really liked that movie and also the person and the story behind Sesame Street’s Big Bird. It’s a cool one! ;-)

PS: What artist’s documentary have you seen lately? I would like to know…

PPS: The pictures are from here: I, II, III, and IV.