07*19 //


Hello there! :-)

//// foryoursoul >> Sweet and salty, that’s a combination I can eat and eat and eat. Here I had ham and honey melon with black pepper and fresh thyme on top. No cooking needed! 

//// foryourears >> This is Ro’s latest podcast for Adventurous Music. It’s called “Dystopian Cities” and features some of our all-time most favorite artists in Industrial and Electronica coming from the Raster Noton and Raster Media labels.

//// foryoureyes >> During the summer, I still suggest visiting nature and enjoying it as your personal art gallery. It’s perfect.

//// foryourmind >> And while sitting on the green grass, snacking sweet and salty things, enjoying eclectic minimal tunes, noticing all the yummy aromas coming from fresh flowers, why not read a really, and I mean reeeally good book such as “The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time” by Mark Haddon?

See, you can’t tell me why not! :-)


06*19 //


Heho! :-)

//// foryoursoul >> It’s been really hot over here in the city, so I suggest you have yourself a nice lukewarm or cold veggie soup. Mine is made of sweet potatoes and carrots with roasted peanuts, parsley and a parmesan chip on top. 

//// foryourears >> While cooking/eating I suggest listening to “Road to Iceland”, one of Ro’s latest podcasts for Adventurous Music feat. musicians from this unique part of the world.

//// foryoureyes >> After having your soup, I suggest going for an art walk. This time, nature is your gallery. It’s the best place-to-be where I have ever been to.

//// foryourmind >> And while walking through parks, fields, forests, and/or along the waters, I suggest taking a couple of deep breaths. And if you are curious why I suggest that, I recommend the book “How to Breathe” by Ashley Neese.

Enjoy summer! :-)

05*19 //


Hello again!

//// foryoursoul >> Have you ever heard of Prampany kal? It’s the first Sorbian dish I ever made after I had it at a friend’s place and liked it a lot. So easy to make, so yummy! 

//// foryourears >> A couple of days ago, Signalstoerung’s album “UU” on Hymen Records was released. If you enjoyed listening to his first Hymen release called “S” from 2018 I am sure you will like this one, too.

//// foryoureyes >> I have been busy myself and created some art you will find and partly get on corinaretzlaff.com from now on. So hello and welcome!

//// foryourmind >> This time it’s art to think about, and with “Is This Art?” by Signalstoerung, Part Two of the Adventurous Music Cardboard Series tries to get behind the value of art. Any kind of art.

Well, have fun with all the good things and see you again soon! :-)

04*19 //


Happy Birthday, topa! Six years old and still pretty cool, right?

//// foryoursoul >> As always, I also created these chocolate cookies from scratch. Their main ingredient is kaowach cocoa. They were so mmh… 

//// foryourears >> It is here! The Adventurous Music label! It’s the first sustainable music label with physical music because there is no plastic involved, it’s all cardboard with art by CR on the cover and a download link on the back! And this is its first release, “Religiös Unmusikalisch” by Hendekagon. It’s limited to 25, so go go go get your copy via adventurousmusic.bandcamp.com!

//// foryoureyes >> Have you been to the Yoko Ono exhibition? If you’re in LE, you really should go! It’s stunning and overwhelming and very esthetic and minimal to some point.

//// foryourmind >> I came across “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss so many times already that I took it as a sign and listened to the audiobook I found on archive.org. I, unfortunately, don’t have a single outstanding quote for you, but if you think that time is the most precious thing you have in life, this (audio)book is one for you.

Enjoy the sun and smell the flowers! :-)