06*20 //

Heho, it’s summer! :-)

//// foryoursoul >> Ro and I came up with this dish by chance – and it tasted sooo good! This combination of sweet and sour and creamy really blew my… taste buds! So it is a sweet potato portobello mushrooms tortilla with classic asparagus and homemade sauce hollandaise. And parsley, of course. :-)

//// foryourears >> Please enjoy (and buy to support the artist) Hendekagon’s latest release for Adventurous Music. It’s called The Dreams I Can’t Remember and maybe is the chilliest and most dreamy sound I ever heard from this artist (a.k.a. Signalstoerung… or Ro). 

//// foryoureyes >> So, back to my personal creative approach. I was asked by some of my dearest friends to join their watercolor club and so I did. Last month’s challenge was ivy. Obviously. ;-) More on this topic coming soon… or already put up on my site

//// foryourmind >> Totally into shinrin-yoku right now. I mean, also in the scientific view of it by Yoshifumi Miyazaki. I always have been a “tree person” but I think nothing can beat being among trees or out in the woods at this time of year, right? These smells, these colors, all those little and not so little creatures! I literally could live there and I am so so happy, that there is a huge chestnut tree already right in front of my window and riparian forest and a couple of parks just around the corner. :-)

Well, here is my tip for your next leisure adventure: wrap up the tortilla, get Hendekagon’s smooth tunes, and go outside to spot some ivy climbing up huge trees!

05*20 //


Hi there! :-)

//// foryoursoul >> There is this new place in our hood called Tokyo Café where you can get traditional Japanese food and goodies. It’s sooo good. Here we had mackerel. But not pictured is my favorite: dumplings and vegan croquettes. 

//// foryourears >> Here we go with Ro’s podcast #94 for Adventurous Music. It’s called “The Blue Hour and features mostly neo-classical music and my favorite artist Hendekagon too.

//// foryoureyes >> What do you think? Doesn’t that look like a classic oil painting? Well, it’s actually a picture I took of the sky one day in February.

//// foryourmind >> I discovered Marie Kondo in 2016 and her KonMari method helped me to improve my already minimalist lifestyle. So when I learned about her recent book “Joy at Work” that she wrote with Scott Sonenshein I thought it could be a good addition. I am currently reading it and being halfway through I can say it’s quite interesting to learn about how Marie Kondo’s career started and how decluttering in an office can be done. So if you are an organizing nerd as I am, this one is for you. ;-)

04*20 //


…And then there was a crisis… And then I took a leap… And here we go again… And again…

//// foryoursoul >> Yeah, you’re right when you think I live from sweet potatoes since February this year. So? ;-) Well, this is mashed sweet potato with fried asparagus and homemade sauce hollandaise. And parsley. Tons of it. :-)

//// foryourears >> In the mood for electronica, anyone? “Le Facteur Humain is Ro’s podcast #92 for Adventurous Music. Enjoy! :-)

//// foryoureyes >> In April, I discovered the art of Zentangle and this is my interpretation of it. I especially like that it’s done on these little tiles and of course enjoy the meditative state of mind.

//// foryourmind >> I actually wanted to go to a public reading of this book during the Leipzig Book Fair this year, but when this event was canceled I decided to read this book to myself and Ro instead. Good times! Well, it’s still an understatement when I say that Greta Taubert is my very favorite German author. I just love her writing style so much and if I would work as a real journalist, she would be my idol. In “Guten Morgen, du Schöner” (“Good morning, handsome”) she interviewed east-german men to show that not all of them are that angry, strange, or even simple-minded as the media enjoys to portrait them. No single favorite quote this time, so go and read it all. ;-)

03*20 //


…And then there was a crisis… And then I took a leap… And here we go again…

//// foryoursoul >> Sweet potato and carrot soup with salicornia, little bits of bacon, and some yogurt. Never had salicornia (or glasswort or samphire) before, but its saltiness is the perfect addition to the otherwise pretty sweet soup. Try it! 

//// foryourears >> Do you love ambient music and modern classic sounds? If so, then “IIKKI is just right for you. Ro created this podcast for Adventurous Music a couple of months ago and I am a bit behind posting but I thought I share it anyway. Since it’s so good!

//// foryoureyes >> Since the beginning of spring, I cannot stop looking at trees. And plants. And grass. And leaves. And flowers. And birds. And bees. And no picture can do it justice.

//// foryourmind >> When I was in Island last year, I really wanted to dive deep into Islandic art and culture, so I bought some books by Islandic writers I never heard of before and “Hotel Silence” by Au∂ur Ava Òlafsdòttir was one of them. Usually, after reading a novel, I part with the book. But this one I am going to keep since I liked it very much. My favorite line from it is: “He points at a sign behind him. ‘Silence saves the world,’ it says.”