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Dear reader,

Posting in time this time! ;-)

//// foryoursoul >> Let’s have some plum pie like my grandma used to make it.  

//// foryourears >> Turn on this chilly ambient tunes called “The Contemporaneity of Six Moments” by Hendekagon (aka Ro).

//// foryoureyes >> Have a look at one of my latest illustrations and my poem that comes with it:

“Hello, hello, hello! // My name is crow // And I believe // I’m smarter than you know.

So you wonder what’s my specialty? // Well, it’s called object permanancee. // That means I remember where I did put my food // In all the different spots of your fancy neighborhood.

A bit of soil or some loose ground // Is where I hide what I’ve just found. // But let me tell you it’s hard these days // With all these concrete walls and ways.

So I have figured it’s much easier for me// To just take your leftovers that I find under some tree // Or next to a bench or at the riverbank // Or ___ (You know what, I’ll leave that blank!).

It’s pizza in boxes or Asian takeaway. // I always get lucky, I’m quite a gourmet (now) // Because you don’t care about the mess you leave behind // We crows all wonder about your filthy kind!”

//// foryourmind >> And now enjoy some dark story and amazing drawings in “Die unheimliche Bibliothek” by Haruki Murakami.

Happy autum! :-) 

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Two weeks late, I am sorry, but here we go.

//// foryoursoul >> I am the official founder of sweet potato quark balls (I don’t like this translation, but it’s all I got). There is this original recipe, where you make “Quarkkeulchen” with grated potatoes and raisins (and quark, eggs, and flour). Well, I had mashed sweet potatoes and cranberries instead. And they turned out sooo good! On the side is apple-pear-sauce. 

//// foryourears >> I (!) created “Journey to the land of the fallen leaves” a while ago. Do you like it?

//// foryoureyes >> This is one of my latest artwork. It’s a watercolor illustration of a young seagull that comes with a poem on the back that says:

“I was here before // Found fish at the shore // And in the deep sea // But where does it leave me
You came and fished // All the fish in the sea // To sell it for money // But where does it leave me
Do you really think // I enjoy your company // In the crowded harbor // Instead of roaming free
I have to beg you // For a tiny bit of food // And I don’t care // If it’s seasoned fish or just some fruit
Please give me anything // Although it’s against the law! // You’ll be my hero // Today and foreva!
So whenever you see me // Flying low over your head // Or even stealing from you // Please remember the fact // It’s all because of you // I never wanted to be like that.”

//// foryourmind >> I actually never liked it (in school) but I find myself getting more and more into poetry. “Bónus Poetry” by Andri Snær Magnason probably was the first poetry book I ever purchased. It makes you think a lot about consumerism, capitalism and all the mindless lifestyle choices many people make. One of my favorite poems in this book is called “Table Prayer (The path to de-alienation)” where the author thanks each and every person that is usually involved in … let’s face it … feeding us. It starts by “Jorge, who planted the seed”, mentions the ones that watered, packed, shipped and shelved the produce and ends with “Without you, I would be HUNGRY!” There’s no need to say that we usually don’t think about these people when we prepare our homemade applesauce. But we should. Don’t you think?

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I am still in the middle of a completely new to me project, so this is another rather short post of my highlights from this past month. Enjoy it anyway!

//// foryoursoul >> This is a pancake. To spice up its sweet flavor, we filled it with fresh salad and mozzarella cheese on top of garlic-ish homemade hummus. You may first think, that can’t be good, but trust me, it is! :-)

//// foryourears >> Ro created “An Injury To One Is The Concern Of All” and I think it goes perfectly with the pancake. ;-)

//// foryoureyes >> Not sure yet what to do with this little buddy. After a short visit to the wild nutria population I know of in LE, I just wanted to draw this friendly little creature. Aren’t they just the sweetest?

//// foryourmind >> “The Why Are You Here Café” by John P. Strelecky is a classic that crossed my way several times. So this summer I thought I give it a try and here is one of my favorite quotes from this book: “I was in better spirits. The frustration that was overwhelming me when I came into the café had almost entirely disappeared. I had gotten so focused on the ‘Why are you here?’ question and the ensuing discussions, that everything else had become secondary. The presence of a great-tasting omelet hadn’t hurt, either.” See, it’s the omelet (… and I wonder if it was as good as mine). ;-) 

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So these are some of my August 2019 highlights. There are some more, but I am in the middle of some major projects so I keep this post rather short. ;-)

//// foryoursoul >> I hated green beans when I was a kid and I love them now. Just let them cook for a few minutes in some veggie broth, put them in some ice-cold water afterward for a few minutes to keep the nice color and ready they are. I had mine with sour cream and some mashed sweet potatoes. So good! ;-)

//// foryourears >> “Forse” is a podcast Ro made for Adventurous Music a while ago and I saved it for this post. It features all the good ambient tunes you can imagine. Or not. ;-)

//// foryoureyes >> Here we go with a little sneak peek into “Corina Retzlaff”, my very own online gallery. Most of my paintings are available for you to purchase, just in case you fell in love with one. Or two. ;-)

//// foryourmind >> When I listened to “Company of One” by Paul Jarvis, I was surprised how many things I already do to simplify my (work)life. Nevertheless, one quote stuck to my head and became some kind of a daily mantra: “Not more is better, better is better.” So simple, right? ;-)