Have you seen the Hitchcock movie yet? I can highly recommend it. Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock is just great, and the movie is telling facts behind the making of Psycho I didn’t know before. But I guess I also enjoyed the movie that much because I am very interested in life and works of artists and artist couples. I think I have seen most of his work in black and white on TV when I was little. I always needed to watch it to the bitter end just to know the murderer, even if I was scared to death. So of course, when I got back home from the cinema, with all the background knowledge I needed to watch the original version about Norman Bates once again. Funny fact: It’s not that spooky anymore.

PS: Besides that – if you are located in LE – I have seen this movie in my favorite arthouse cinema Passage Kinos a couple weeks ago. If you like watching movies in the original language with subtitels (OmU), want to stay in the city and don’t want to wait for a show on weekends or close to midnight, this is a nice place to go.


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