books i’ve been told about #1


Well, I like reading. Unfortunately I like listen to audiobooks a bit more and enjoy watching movies or TV shows the most. So besides the reading I do for work there is not much time left for me to read for fun (As a simple example: It took me four years to read the Medicus by Noah Gordon back in the 1990ies.) So I was thinking I am going to post the very few and good books I’ve read and fill this up with the tons of amazing books my man and friends can recommend.

So let’s start with the WWW trilogy of Robert J. Sawyer. It’s a kind of philosophical and scientific novel and about a blind girl that gets an implant chip from an Japanese scientist to help her see again. But because of a programming error she is also able to see the structures of the word wide web and spots some form of data that actually is an artificial intelligence. Among with the scientist she is helping this kind of creature to be able to program codes which help internet users avoiding spam or even allows to find a therapy for cancer through the summery of all information. Even if the creature is only up for good, the U.S. government doesn’t want to have it. And so the story continues…

PS: You may have mentioned the show Flash Forward on TV a few years ago. It’s the same author and a very nice plot to watch.  


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