about cooking in general #1


I love cooking and eating and trying new food. But that was different when I was a child. I never ate much and I only gained some weight when I was at my grandmother’s place for holidays. That’s probably because she let me eat breakfast in bed or the cutlet with my fingers instead of using cutlery. Big time! A few years later I figured out that cooking might be some kind of creativity. So I started to experiment with food and I still do. My grandmother taught me exactly one dish to cook and that’s it. I never took a cooking class, and I actually take a look into a cookbook and try a written recipe about once a year. I have several cookbooks and magazines, but these two books you can see above are my holy ones.


So the first book is almost a hundred years old. It’s from my grandmother, of course. It is so nice to look at and so understandable. With this one you can learn all the basics of cooking. And I did.


The other one is my newest one. I really love it. It was a present for my birthday, in which my love and my very best friends wrote their favorite recipes. Most of them we already ate together, but when I am cooking from this book all by myself it always reminds me of them. What a great idea!

So what are your favorite cookbooks?

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