bread salad


Do you know this situation? You have been to the bakery only for a piece of cake and then you couldn’t resist buying fresh and warm bread, too. But then you ate lunch at work and have been invited for dinner. And on the other day the bread is almost uneatable. So since I don’t have a little pet like a hamster or rabbit, what to do with old bread?

Well, croutons were very common a few years ago, which I didn’t like that much. But then I was thinking about the home made croutons the Thuringians put in their world famous dumplings and tried to add these little bread cubes to some fresh salad. What a treat! So this bread salad on the picture above is lettuce with tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper and mushrooms. The bread is just cubed and toasted in a pan with a tiny bit of butter. 

PS: You can also add some garlic or rosemary to the pan. And you can mix different kinds of bread or rolls or even herb or onion bread. I guess, this is something I’ll try next. 


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