“this book…


…is supposed to help me to solve the mideast conflict, getting my diploma and finding a girl.” About three weeks ago I was at one of my favorite gift shops in LEipzig to get my very first pack of washi tape (I know, I am late with that!). I was about leaving the shop with some nice things in my bag, when I spotted this little book. It’s title was so compelling, it made me buying the book right away.


I have not read it yet, but I flipped through the pages and I can say: I really like the layout. There are little sketches on each page and the words are hand written – which is a nice and different thing in today’s books for adults. So I am really looking forward to this weekend, when I am going to read it while sitting in the sun.

Author: Sylvain Mazas
Info: www.marmouzet.net

PS: When you are in LEipzig and you’re looking for something well designed or in small editions or even for a unique copy, go and visit this shop, it’s worth it.


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