back to the 1980s #3


It’s back!!! When I was little and there was still the GDR, I used to eat this vanilla and chocolate ice cream a lot. There was a little ice cream bar in my neighborhood and I guess the big portion was about 50 Pfennige. Which is not even 5 Cent now. What a great deal. I really liked the cones you got. They were very thin and light and you needed to eat your cream very fast if you wanted to prevent a mess. The little spoons were fun, too. They had little names on it, mostly common names in east Germany. Unfortunately, I never had one with my name on it. But nevertheless, I was excited to have this ice cream back, ’cause it disappeared after 1989 like a lot of good stuff and was replaced by more colorful things from the west. So as for this little treat on the picture above: The taste is like before and they even kept the design of the cup. Well done!

PS: You will find it in any well-sorted supermarket now.


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