madonna versus j. s. bach – let’s talk about street art


Well, LEipzig goes street art. That’s because a funny thing happened: A little stencil figure, a madonna-like woman with a child, made by Blek le Rat in the early 1990s was found during the restoration process of an old building a few weeks ago. Even if the underground music scene in LEipzig is big and still growing, another underground (or lets say on the ground) art is kinda pending – which is not an artist problem, I guess.

Of course, we have graffiti here, a lot of tagging and commission paintings like the one of J. S. Bach on the school building of the world-famous St. Thomas Choir of Leipzig. We also have legal walls to spray on, but where is the fun with that? Doesn’t need street art more creativity?

Living in a city where any nice painting on a wall is seen as the same like any unaesthetic name tag and is getting removed very soon, I didn’t mention street art as real art. Until I was visiting London, Berlin or even Stettin. But what has really blown my mind was the paintings and stencils I have seen in Montreal/Canada. Wow, that would be cool to have something like that to look at here!

So, the city of LEipzig wants to keep the madonna as an early work in stenciled street art. I guess, that could be the first step to reinvent this kind of art and to get over the misunderstanding of graffiti work here. I will keep my eyes open for that change.

PS: The book in the picture is written by Katrin Klitzke and Christian Schmidt and published at Archiv der Jugendkulturen Verlag KG (2009).


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