about cooking in general #2


I am not a food shopping person. But I like fresh fruits and vegetables with a high quality. If it’s possible, I choose organic. So I was very happy when I found out about a delivery service from an organic farm near LEipzig a few years ago.

So I shop on the internet and get what they have each week. Most of it is regional grown and seasonal – which is good in my opinion. Some of it – like the bananas or oranges or kiwis – of course are not grown here. But so is the garden cress, cucumber or chard, and the potatoes and tomatoes and carrots, which you can’t see in the picture, because they are in the little bags. I also use to order milk, yoghurt, eggs, quark and cheese. So that might seem to you like a little less to eat for two grown-ups plus some friends or family members on visits at least one evening per week. But I can say, there are a lot of nice dishes I have made from only these few ingredients and no one left my place hungry. Plus, it’s a repetitive challenge in creativity. ;-)

Based on my experience, the organic food tastes better, you don’t need to eat a lot (because of the good ingredients you are full really quick), and you don’t waste so much. So with these facts organic food is not as expensive as most people may think. And I like to go with the year and eat products from now and here. Plus I like to support little organic farms. It’s worth it.

PS: Based on the amount of boxes I saw in the van, I guess it’s pretty popular right here right now. There are a lot of such delivery services in and around LEipzig. Some charge extra for delivery, some not. I like a clear range, so I shop here.

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