where have i been? #3


This picture was taken by a squirrel! So LE folks, where have I been yesterday to get the best outdoor vanilla chai in town?

PS: If you take a look in the opposite direction, you will see a place that has become very popular within the last five years. It’s a place for young people to sit and chat, for musicians and jugglers. And you can get ice cream there. But what’s really new this summer is coffee, chai or hot chocolate made by a real barista using a really good coffee machine, that’s built on a dutch bicycle. Have you seen it yet? They also offer soy milk, and most of the chai, coffee or chocolate is fair trade and organic. It think, that’s pretty awesome!

3 thoughts on “where have i been? #3

    1. Thank you for this important comment. Unfortunately, I have checked this issue, but it seems to work fine. Except for older IE versions, I was told (I am not an expert, so I can’t name it.). Besides that it is an wordpress issue (maybe along with the layout I choosed), so I can’t fix it anyway. I am sorry about that.

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