back to the 1980s #4


When you are in LE these days and you take a weekend walk in the city, you can see lots of teenagers in exclusive suits or fashionable dresses with flowers in their hands. They are celebrating Jugendweihe, a ceremony to welcome the youngsters in the world of adults. It’s similar to the confirmation religious people do. So for the kids it’s a really nice event, ’cause they get a party, lots of nice gifts and tons of money.

The year I had my Jugendweihe, tape recorders were very popular. So I got this one on the picture above. And can you believe it? It still works. I can even listen to my old tapes I used to record from music radio shows on DT64 or the TV show Formel Eins. This is really cool!

So who else got the KR 660 or the even cooler stereo one? And what is a common gift for a teenage boy for Jugendweihe in 2013? I need a recommendation!


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