couscous and chard


I am cooking by using my eyes, heart and taste. I take a look in my fridge, imagine what can be boiled, fried or left cold and how it can be put together. Plus, what goes really quick and is easy to make (since I am not a patient person). So I prepare everything while trying something new almost every day. And then before serving, I taste it. So for me cooking is not about reading what’s on a package and weighing and all that kind of stuff. It’s all about emotions and trying, and failing sometimes, too.

So I did with couscous and chard on the plate above. There was the chard I ordered a few days ago and that needed to be eaten. And then there was the couscous I had left and the corn that could really bring some moisture to the couscous.

And here are the how-to-make pics:


Chop the chard and put the leaf stalks in a pan with olive oil.


Add a cup of vegetable stock.


Add to a cup of couscous a cup of boiling water and a half cup of corn.


Add the leafs to the pan.


This is what happens to the leafs. They lose size.


Add salt and pepper for the taste, garden cress and sliced tomato for the look. ;-)

PS: When I was cooking chard for the very first time, I wanted the stalks to throw to the garbage, ’cause I was thinking to prepare the chard like spinach. But then I was taught by a friend how to use the stalks as well. And now it’s the stalks I like the most when I eat chard. ;-)


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