about cooking in general #4 – talking about failing


Living in LE right now means living in some kind of wonderland when you’re on a walk through the alluvial forest, which is one of the largest and oldest in Europe. All the bear’s garlic is flourishing now and you can smell the garlic all over the city. So many people go out and crop the leafs to prepare pesto or herb butter.

So did I yesterday. I wanted to do it since years, but there are only a few days you can do it as I was told, because the leafs are not so tasty anymore when you can see the blossoms. So yesterday probably was the last day for this year, and I cropped a little bag full of bear’s garlic leafs just to see how homemade pesto would taste like.

And then I got home and took a look into a recipe I have found on the internet. And then another look on Wikipedia just to learn some more about this plant. And then I read about the danger of confusion with very toxic plants that use to grow right next to it. Hmm… Well, then I compared my leafs with the pictures of the toxic ones. Hmm… After that I read some more. And learned about the fox tapeworm. Hmm… We have a lot of foxes here in LE. And then I had another look at my collected leafs. And finally, I was scared. And then, with a kind of heavy heart, I threw the leafs to the garbage. Sad, but true.

So that was my experience with the collecting of bear’s garlic. Even if I always like to try something new, I am still a person that likes to eat something that is 100 % safe. So I think I rather go out and enjoy the tasty scent and beautiful look of the white bear’s garlic blossoms. ;-)

PS: Do you have an insiders’ tip to identify bear’s garlic?

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