salad and fries – totally vegan again


Like my recipe of couscous and chard this one was vegan by accident, too. Which is really kind of funny, since I am a so-called flexitarian. Most of the time I eat vegetables and fruits, but also a lot of cheese, milk products and eggs. And then maybe once or twice a week I eat fish, about three to four times a month meat also. But if it’s fish or meat, then it needs to be organic and from a little farm. I considered and tried to live the life of a vegetarian very hard, but I am weak. I am craving fish or meat sometimes and can’t get over it.

So I am not nearly a vegan. ;-) And I never considered to cook any vegan food. And then it happened. Just like that. Twice this week already. And it was delicious, yay! I am so excited.

On the picture you can see homemade fries with homemade ketchup (first try also, and surprisingly very tasty!) and salad made of lettuce, mushrooms, tomato, cucumber, carrots and corn.


The Ketchup is made of sieved tomatoes, tomato paste, olive oil, brown sugar and salt. So who is hungry now? ;-)


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