back to the 1980s #5


When I was a school kid I used to be on vacation at my grandmother’s place at least twice a year. And besides my awesome eating experiences, I can also remember some other nice things regarding food.

There was this huge cupboard in her living room, where you could find very special things close to the expensive tableware, that was only used on special occasions. What I found there was white and brown rock sugar – very tasty of course. And then one year I also found egg liqueur. And I wanted to try it. Just a teeny tiny bit only, because I was not even a teenager yet, I guess. So I had a try. Just a sip. Hmm, that was delicious. And from that day on it became a rite. Just one sip twice a year at my grandmother’s place.

So when I took a walk through the neighborhood the other day, I spotted a place where they offer egg liqueur in chocolate waffle cups. And of course, I had to refresh my memory. ;-)


2 thoughts on “back to the 1980s #5

  1. fritzie made some bottles of egg liqueur by hereseself 2 weeks ago. we still have some left. so maybe we can have some together soon. i realy like the little cups out of massive dark chocolate. these are the best :-)

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