where have i been? #5


Since all of my question posts in this section have been guessed right very quick, I am going to ask one that is really tricky this time. ;-)

This place is a really cool one to hang out on warm summer days. It’s only a five minutes walk away from the city centre but alternative in its own way. It is huge and big enough to skate and bike, to try out your new waveboard or have a picnic on the green grass. It is very liked by kids and their parents, because it is safe to play, since there is no real playground close by. And it is a popular place for wild animals, too, because they find lots of food there. So last year in a warm summer night, I have spotted a fox family with cute little ones in the bushes besides the benches. And then, there are crows, that go through the garbage cans, what is really fun to watch, but unfortunately leaves a mess.

So where is this neat place with the pink garbage can? Have you been there?

PS: If you look around, you will find architecture from different decades. There are old buildings from GDR times right next to new ones or even older ones. You will find one of the oldest pastry shops there, which is well-known for the most delicious cakes and cookies. If you go there for coffee, you will get the feeling of time travelling. It is a very nice, romantic and traditional place. Then there are bicycle shops, in one of it you can rent a tandem with a prepared picnic basket (what a great idea, I need to do that sometime soon), bistros and late sale shops. And there is the only artist community place with studios and galleries you can find within or that close to the city centre.


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