beet – a whole pot all to myself


When I was a child, I was a real Mäkelfritze or moaner, when it came to food. I never ate much and there were certain things, that I really hated. But when I got older, I started to try these things, just as a challenge, because I was really interested in new tastes.

So it happened with beet. A few years ago, I was invited to a party and the host made a very tasty soup out of beet. And I figured out, I really like it. Actually, I really do like peatiness. I always liked the scent of damp basements or the soil after rain (and – to be honest – even Patchouli). So I was thinking, to eat beet more often.

Usually, I cook for two. But my man really don’t want to eat beets. So yesterday, I was thinking, well, he is out of town, let’s do it! And so I had a look into my fridge and this is, what I found: 5 beets, 3 potatoes, 2 carrots, 1 wiener for taste, a tiny bit of butter, 1 onion, garlic, salt, pepper, balsamic and chili to taste. Some stock of course. The taste was fine, but then I was thinking, to add something fancy (well, maybe not fancy for you, but for me), to give it a haute cuisine touch. ;-) So I added a green and crispy pear. And it turned out oh so good! And then a teaspoon yogurt and some pieces of cucumber to make it look extra pretty in the picture.

And now I have a whole pot to eat all to myself (yesterday, today and I guess tomorrow, too), since all the people around me are Mäkelfritzen, can you believe it? I mean, look at the (not photoshopped!) color, it is a sin not to give it a try, isn’t it?

So do you like beets?


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