back to the 1980s #6


Back in the 1980s, when I was a child, I spent my afternoons drawing and painting. I guess that was my favorite thing to do, probably because girls like to do that. On the other hand, my Dad is a porcelain painter and the father of my mother was a decorator, that also drew a lot. So maybe it runs in my blood.

One day we received a package from family members in West-Germany. And there they were, these little markers above. And I loved them. I remember myself painting really big paper rolls filled with people, houses and animals, similar to the Where is Waldo? ones.

But then I became a teenager and my interests switched from drawing and painting to music. I only drew a few more illustrations in the past 20 years to give them away for birthdays. The only thing regarding paintings I am keeping on a regular basis is visiting museums, galleries and exhibitions. So I could figure out, that I really love certain painters like Dali, Mucha and Spitzweg, but also Modern Art and Street Art at all. I am glad I visited the Guggenheim (NYC), MoMA, Tate Modern, Musée d’Art Moderne, and many more while being on vacation in the big cities around the world. Actually, it has become a tradition while being on vacation: Is there an artist scene or community, and what are they famous for? I even go to the smallest gallery in the loneliest village. It’s some kind of craving for inspiration. 

So when I found these little mice at my parent’s place awhile ago, I was thinking to keep them, because every time I look at them I feel like: I really need to get some time off to restart painting. Maybe I could spent less time in front of the computer. Well see… ;-)

Have you also had these little markers?

PS: Not to forget the really cool artist scene LEipzig has! If you are interested in art, you should see the big and famous places like HGB and Spinnerei, but also the little ones you’ll mostly find in the neighborhoods called Südvorstadt, Plagwitz and Leutzsch. Since I am very curious and always looking for something new regarding LEipzig’s art scene, I really like to hear your recommendations!


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