rhubarb cake – reaching the edge of improvisation


Okay, first I am telling you, how the rhubarb cake supposed to turn out. When I was reading this recipe, I was thinking, that could be a really nice and easy-to-make cake. And since my man was out of town and really likes rhubarb, I was thinking to bake it as a welcome-back-home cake.

And now I am telling you how it turned out in real.

This idea came to me the evening before. Late evening before. And when I looked through the ingredients in my cupboard, I found out, that the yeasts date of expiry was … three years ago. So there wouldn’t be a yeast dough. And I was like: Okay, no problem, let’s improvise. I really wanna make this cake. Lets just make a regular cake. So I looked it up in my grandmother’s cookbook.

But then I didn’t have enough butter. Well, I didn’t care about that, because I recently read about the fact, that I could replace the butter with olive oil. So I did that (without any experience how that would taste like). That problem fixed. Last but not least I didn’t have enough sugar. And no honey or anything like that was left for replacement. Well, so I was thinking, I could serve the cake with vanilla creme, or hot chocolate or at least lots of coffee to dip in. ;-)

Since I was not sure if I could put the rhubarb into the dough just like it was, I steamed it a little bit. But I guess I put it to the other ingredients a bit too early, ’cause after the baking the cake was like … Well, not fluffy and soft at all. It was like crumbly gum. And without the sprinkles it also looked like that.

Unfortunately, there was not enough time to bake a new one. So I was thinking to keep it to show my good will. At least. But then, my sweetheart was really excited and very, very lovely. He ate it. Even if I told him that it was okay for me if he doesn’t like it. So I guess, I really need to take back what I said about him before. He only said it’s more like bread than cake, but he ate it. Well, I guess, that’s true love. ;-)

PS: I am not giving up so easy. I’m gonna try to bake another rhubarb cake this week and let you know… ;-)

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