underhill’s silent siren – listen to it live in LE!


This summer is going to be a great one for my heart of music, because I have four concerts ahead of me – in May and June only! Can you believe it? LEipzig is no longer back province, the more and more cool bands love to play here.

So the first one is already in one week, actually today in a week, and I am very excited about that. It is Underhill, the dub-d’n’b-techno-dub step-metal project of Dean Rodell (founder of various labels like Subtrak and owner of Berlins newest place-to-be Subland), Tim Eliot (Current Value), Marvin Hay (Coppa), Ivan Shopov (Cooh) and Martina Astner. So I think, it’s a hand full of very talented and well-known artists in the subscene, that show up right here.

I am listening to Underhill’s newest album Silent Siren since weeks. It’s simply awesome. The track I like the most is Hiding the light (listen to the mp3 here). But the song Trippin is also very cool (kinda psychedelic, but also bass-y and hiphop-like). Or let’s say Civil Lies (really nice dub step)… So you see, I can’t pick only one. ;-)

So if you like diversified dub step, that has stunning female vocals to listen and great rhythms to move your feet to, you should come over to LEipzig’s most impressive club Moritzbastei. See you there! :-)

Label: Ad Noiseam
Info: www.underhilldub.com

PS: The event is called Wired 6 and is going to be an evening of really good dub step, drum’n’bass and similar electronica, plus visual installations as well as awesome screenings. It’s the opening night of three noise floors nights powered by Global Noise Movement at this years WGT

4 thoughts on “underhill’s silent siren – listen to it live in LE!

  1. Thanks for your comment! A few years ago, I have had the same feeling, that dub step won’t last long. But I guess it’s six years now, that I am listening to it. But I agree with you, it’s probably done already. Especially, since dub step left the “underground” and reached the genre of pop music and the charts. Which was really strange in my opinion and I still don’t like this trend that much. So I wasn’t talking about the hipster version of dub step in my post, I was talking about the more ambitious dub step with musicians behind, that really know where dub step comes from, and know about similar genres like reggae, d’n’b or dub. And you can feel and see that when you are listening to it. It’s different to the one-minute-productions. Well, it’s still made with computers, but that’s 2013 I guess. I think there is good and bad music as well, that is made with real instruments. I don’t care about that. It’s the sound I care about. ;-)

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