hunting for art – spinnerei


Regarding to my where-have-i-been post from this weeks Monday, I guess I need to help out with the answer: Last Sunday, I have been art hunting at Spinnerei.

Spinnerei is a huge and world-famous place of artist studios and galleries. I guess, that’s mostly because of the famous painter Neo Rauch. But I have seen other works, which really need to be recommended, because they were simply great.

So let’s start with paintings. First, there was Nina K. Jurk, which I remembered from last years walk around. Most of her paintings have those cold atmospheres because they are made of colors like blue, grey and black. They are great to look at from a distance. I could afford buying a postcard of the one called A8 Salzburg – München… ;-) Then, there were the works of Martin Eder (one of the black and white paintings I saw is shown here). I liked the paintings, because the were beautiful and confusing at the same time. Furthermore, there were the oil of canvas paintings of Hans Aichinger. They have been so accurate and detailed, I almost had to put my nose on them to figure out, if it’s a photography or really a painting. I wasn’t able to stop looking at those, mainly at the one called Der Anarchist, that portrays an old white bearded man wearing nothing but trousers. 

And then let’s talk about sculptures and installations. Actually, I am not so much into that kind of art. But then I have seen the huge black sculpture called Hallucination by Martin Eder. Imagine a complete empty and white room with a hanging almost 15.000 cubic foot sculpture made of different black material splits symbolizing a piece of rock. It’s amazing. After this large and heavy one, I got very impressed by the probably smallest installation I have ever seen: the works of James Cauty. How can you even build such little figures in a jam jar to show daily life scenes?

Then I was wondering, how the Bimbo Town looks like today, because the last time I was there is more than ten years ago. It was really fun to watch little kids (and adults, too) get eaten by a… couch!

At the end I walked through the Berlin – Klondyke exhibition, where I saw a mixture of different styles of paintings and sculptures made by young and forthcoming artists.

Before I left the area, I took some pictures of the great architecture there. So if you are in the mood for art hunting as well these days, you won’t regret a visit at LEipzig’s Spinnerei. ;-)



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