from club to club – books about dj experiences


Do you like listening to music to the full, dancing and hanging out in clubs? If yes, you’re a welcome guest, that probably never experienced, what happens on the other side of stage. Or are you a dj and wondering, if all the strange things going on only happen to you?

If you think so, I have a book recommendation for you. It’s the books written by Hans Nieswandt, especially the first one Plus Minus Acht. It’s so hilarious! Hans Nieswandt is not only a dj, he is a producer and lecturer for Goethe Institute as well. He has traveled the world and wrote about his experiences such as strange song requests, pretty weird venues, and the sometimes crazy audience. 

Even if the author is pretty popular in the electronic and house music scene (Do you remember the 90s smash hit From Disco to Disco?), you probably can share most of his experiences, if you are a dj by yourself. And if you spend your club nights on the listening and dancing side of stage, you should read it, too, ’cause it helps you to understand, why the dj doesn’t want to switch from d’n’b to metal and avoids playing this special song from your smartphone. ;-)


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