the other side of wave gotik #1 – wired 6

Wow, that has been a long and great weekend! As I told you before, the most bizarre festival took place right here in LEipzig. So since last Thursday I was really busy meeting old friends from near and far away and making new ones, talking about ongoing and future projects and being nostalgic about former adventures. Plus, I saw an awesome show I was really excited about before: Underhill.

I think, most people know what the Wave Gotik Treffen festival is all about. Let’s summarize it: It’s about darkness in music, clothing and style. If you are not familiar with that, check out the local press, there are tons of pictures.

But there were parties around, which completed the festival with some kind of fresh (music) air. So it was with WIRED 6, a night full of drum’n’bass, idm and pretty cool electronica right in the middle of dark sounds. And I can tell you, also the goths really liked it!

So here we go with some pictures of that night. And please check out the artist’s websites to get an idea, what their music sounds like.

The venue: Moritzbastei Oberkeller. About 460 years old.MB



DJ set: 1323 (GNM/Industrialisation/Applied Sound Arts) vs. missonic (Maschinenfest)1323vsMissonic

DJ set: diputs vs. stupid (exLEpäng)Stupid

LIVE: Underhill (ad noiseam)IMG_3077


LIVE: 16Pad Noise Terrorist (GNM/HANDS)16

DJ set: Eine Million (exLEpäng)1Million

The crowd:crowd2 

It was a very fun night. Besides that, there was another venue within the WGT events, that is worth a post here. So I’ll be back in a … minute. ;-)


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