the other side of wave gotik #2 – travelling cinema

Since 1992 I am attending the Wave Gotik Treffen. I know it from the visitor’s and from the artist’s side as well. It was a great time every year, but I guess I have seen it all. So this year, I was looking for something special, something I haven’t seen before. And therefore, I found the travelling cinema.

Actually, I was told about that one before. And to you it’s probably not new at all, since this nice idea is happening since the late 1990s! But I missed it every year, can you believe it?! So this year, I really needed to take my chance. And I don’t regret it, ’cause it was amazing!


Imagine, you walk around your already favorite park, watching out where the screen might be. And then you are spotting a little light on top of the still small, but highest hill in the park, surrounded by big and overgrown bushes and trees. After walking up you’re discovering a really nice venue: the screen at the side of an oldtimer truck showing the first silent movie (in my case it was a tram ride through LEipzig in 1928). And then you’ve got to listen to the beautiful live sounds of a violin and a piano, really well-played. After all you recognize about 50 people sitting in front of the big red umbrella, that protects the movie projector. I really, really liked that.



After the short film about this tram ride they showed a portrait of Richard Wagner (whose two hundredth birthday LEipzig is celebrating these days). So that was pretty interesting to me, since I couldn’t remember anything about him I learned at school. ;-)

So if you are in town these days and it’s not raining, I highly recommend a movie night at the travelling cinema. It’s here until the end of May and some other nights in September. They also show Charlie Chaplin movies, which I like a lot. But actually, I am thinking about watching Hundeleben this week. Fingers crossed for sunshine. ;-)

PS: If you want to know my other highlight of Wave Gotik Treffen 2013, so check out this post: the other side of wave gotik #1 – wired 6.

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