make sure to get your morning coffee


Oh boy, I didn’t make it to the movie theatre to watch this movie, so I was very excited when it came out on DVD a few days ago. And I have to say, I haven’t seen such a good German movie since a very long time.

It’s telling the story of a twenty-something guy, who lives in Berlin from day to day and wonders how people are. He is at a point in his life, where decisions are essential, but he refuses to assume responsibility for his own life. The one and only thing he is sure about, is the wish for a simply good coffee. But that seems to be another big challenge. And at the end there is this question: Would everything turned out differently, if there was a cup of coffee to start the day with?

The movie Oh Boy is really funny in a satirically way and it’s all in black and white, which I liked a lot, too. Have you seen it yet?

PS: The picture was taken from here, where you will get the movie, too.

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