where have i been? #7


Sometimes I like to go for a walk and discover my hometown like a tourist. And there are days, when I even think about checking into a hotel for a few nights to get a more authentic feeling. (That’s probably also because I like staying at hotels, especially when they are new and have a modern style.) But I haven’t done that yet. ;-)

When I am on these walks, I like to try out new shops, coffee shops and restaurants, sometimes galleries or nice places to chill, ’cause actually I am not a person for historical sightseeing. But that may change this year, ’cause having another look at this picture, I noticed, that the tower on the left looks different below. Which is something I’ve never seen before while walking on the street. ;-) Plus, I haven’t been inside the castle yet.

I like this picture a lot. It shows almost everything, that LEipzig has: different architectures (with original middle age buildings like the castle, villas from historicism and new construction buildings from GDR times, not so beautiful building sites, but lot’s of wonderful parks with little ponds and romantic bridges).

But long story short: Where have I been to get this nice view of LEipzig some weeks ago?

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