carrot soup and flowers


Once a week I invite my Dad over for lunch. Since he is retired and living on his own, this is my way to stay in touch with him: cooking and chatting.

Sometimes it’s kinda hard to find something that is close to traditional German food and not too fancy, like I told before. So I made a carrot soup yesterday.

For that you need a few carrots, some stock, salt and pepper to taste. What you can not see in the picture are my “special” ingredients: garlic, a teaspoon butter, a teaspoon cream cheese and the juice of one freshly pressed orange. To keep it a bit interesting, I added separately cooked kohlrabi. And garden cress to garnish.

Well, he liked it.

I have to add, that my Dad is very old-school on a very affectionate manner. He never comes with empty hands, he always brings me chocolate and flowers. These gerbera I got yesterday are one of my favorites. ;-)



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