eating out in leipzig #1 – fleischerei


Well, I like eating out a lot. Especially when there are places serving food you cannot cook that delicious by yourself and if the place has such an awesome interior, that you really enjoy being there.

So I am starting my eating out in LEipzig series with a kinda young place: Fleischerei. It’s a café, bistro and bar located in my neighborhood Waldstraßenviertel. When I moved here a year ago, there were only a few kind of traditional pubs or bakery shops or Italian restaurants here. And then, a month later, this place opened. Good, good timing! ;-)


So this place is actually an old butcher shop. So there are really nice tiles and hooks covering the walls and an impressive sealing you can’t stop looking at (you get a taste of it in the first picture). So in the main room there is this huge wood-paneled bar, a nice pedestal with a wooden bench (all designed by Michael Grzesiak) and most of the tables to sit. And then there are two kind of hidden rooms, one like a little British living room with a big dark brown leather couch, a little table and two stools, an ornamental carpet and beautiful red wallpapers. And in the other room you feel like sitting in Grandma’s kitchen: There is a big eating table and a nice old sideboard.  


Besides this impressive design and cool furnishings I really like eating there. They serve some breakfast and besides that a lot of self-made food like a daily soup, a variety of quiches, panini and cakes. As for the drinks, they have all your heart may desire from Latte Macchiato to ginger beer or cookie shakes (and of course beer, wine and long drinks, too).

Sometimes I read the menu and prefer to have a piece of everything, ’cause each of it sounds so tasty. So yesterday, my significant other and I had cranberry tea, my favorite caffeine lemonade, green asparagus potato quiche and goat cheese panini with pear rosemary dressing. All I can say is: It was nice, luscious and savoury.


What I also like a lot is, that every main dish comes with a little cucumber-sesame-salad, that is very delicious.

So with all the hip stuff and great meals you may think that it’s probably expensive there. No, it’s not. We paid less than 20 Euro for two! Which is a great deal in LE for high quality self-made food and a friendly atmosphere.

If you like to go there, check out their Facebook page with more information like opening hours and offers. See you there. ;-)

PS: I forgot to say, that except one breakfast all the food is vegetarian.


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