right here, right now #5 – happy kindertag!

hier rein:da raus

A children’s life can be hard sometimes, especially when annoying adults are around. ;-) 

But kids, I have found the ultimate solution! At least for girls. ;-) So what do you, little ladies, think about this pair of earrings saying: In here, out there? Isn’t that a nice way to talk back to… (I am not giving examples, ’cause I know a lot of parents, grandparents and teachers as well and really want to stay friends with them). But however, I would say: Happy children’s day! ;-)

So I was thinking to give it to my lovely godchild to wear it as much as she wants and needs to for her own protection in situations like: Sit still! Do your homework! Clean the dishes! Stop watching TV! Be quiet! And so on…

Actually, I am not that much in jewelry. But I am thinking to get a pair for myself, ’cause they are so versatile in use. I really like that gently way to say: Who’s talking? ;-)

PS: Go and visit the shop, there are a lot of beautiful hand-grafted things.


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