neighborhood walks #1 – building sites


One motivation for this blog is making grey days more colorful. So I needed to wait with this post a few weeks, ’cause May was rainy and grey this year and those pictures are almost grey in grey as well. ;-)


So why do I post such unhappy building sites at all? Well, first, this blog is about culture. Building new, keeping the old by renovating is part of a culture as well, isn’t it? Well, at least it is for LEipzigs culture. With all the pros and cons. So building sites (unfortunately) belong to this city.


But actually, I am that kind of person, that really likes old stuff. I love to time travel, to imagine, how people lived decades or centuries ago. I like old houses with curtains, though you know, no one lives there anymore. I would like to sneak into them, but actually, I am not that tough enough. ;-)


LEipzig has a lot of such places. In 1990 my friends and schoolmates used to occupy such an old building. We were hanging out on table tennis tables in our neighborhood backyards during the summer time, but when winter came, someone found an old house with big Berliner ovens. We were about 40 people, and we really made it cozy there. There were always some girls and boys caring for food, for heating the oven and for cleaning the rooms. We played table tennis there and threw a few parties. Actually, someone hang up a poster saying: If you smoke, you can kiss an ashtray as well. So we even cared about that. ;-) All in once, it really was a great time. But after a few months the ownership relationships were clear and the doors got closed by the police. Some years later, the building was demolished. And unfortunately, I don’t have real pictures of it.


Around these days in the early 90’s, the construction madness in LEipzig begun. Living with that, there are two sides you can take: you can argue about it (which I do a lot, ’cause every felled tree makes me sad, every new house with unaffordable rents makes me angry, and every demolished building symbolizes the end of an era) or you can go for a walk and take pictures (and if you are very optimistic you can also be excited about the resulting shopping mall or parking house – which I am unfortunately not).


Since arguing doesn’t help, I went out for taking pictures and to get this look behind again. Sometimes I was really scared, sometimes I got an impression of how it looked like when it was filled with live and sometimes I learned interesting facts.


Or I even remembered my first disco evenings (on weekdays until 10 pm ;-)) as a teenager or great concerts in that amazing building above.


So these are a few pictures of only a few building sites in my (extended) neighborhood. Take this: These are not even all building sites in about one hundred meters difference from the place where I live. Isn’t that kinda crazy?


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