another try on watching tv – about:kate


Even if I am a movie junky, I am not a TV person. Right now, there is almost nothing that interests or surprises me in German TV. I really don’t know what people like about Tatort. I really can’t stand the way foreign movies or TV shows are synchronized. I am sorry…

So since Roche und Böhmermann, what was streamed last year, I was kinda craving for another good TV show. And then a friend reminded me of about:kate. Are you watching it?

It’s a cross media series about a twenty+ girl called Kate Harff assigning herself to a mental hospital. It shows her ups and downs there, and her experiences with the staff, another patients and the people visiting her. But it is not gravely or boring at all. It reveals the different kinds, methods and phases of psychotherapy in an ironically and entertaining way. What I really like is, that all of Kate’s thoughts or dreams are popping in as illustrations or music video clips, which is kinda cool. Plus, you can only watch it on TV and be fine with that or take the whole package of participating: There are games on the website you can play, calls for creating parts of the series, and an app as well to get in touch while watching. So about:kate demonstrates also, how the boundaries of reality and the so-called second live in networking merge.

about:kate is a French/German production, streamed on ARTE on Saturdays after midnight. So I am excited what’s all about Kate tomorrow.

What are you watching on German TV right now ? Do you have any recommendations for me?

PS: The picture is from here.


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