detouring or how to become a fan


A few years ago, I attended my first writing contest. I found a flyer looking for short stories about anything regarding the verbal component of demo. Like demonstration, demo tape, democracy.

Well, I took the flyer in my pocket until the last day of participation. And then, an idea came to me unexpectedly. And so I wrote a short story about DeMo and earned second place (what I am still very proud of). And here is an excerpt of it.


I don’t like them. I tried very hard, but I simply don’t like them. Nevertheless, there is a story, my own story with DeMo.

It started in the late 80’s. There was still the GDR, I was a teenager and more and more interested in music, style and hanging out with peers. A friend of mine used to have teenage magazines from West Germany like BRAVO, so we all were informed about what was going on. So there was the time, when we found idols and became really faithful fans of some pop stars. Shortly after, my best friend discovered the more dark sounds of music and switched her taste to EBM, especially Depeche Mode. She got to hang out with guys wearing black jeans, Doc Martens, white shirts and a kinda special haircut with lot’s of styling gel and spray. Even if I started to listen to some dark music as well, I also enjoyed the lets say sunny part of life like pop music and love parades.

Somehow my life took certain changes and I ended up djing electronic music. I did that for many years at incredible venues, but there was one special event: the final party night at every year’s Wave Gotik Treffen at Moritzbastei LEipzig.

(Well, if you haven’t been there yet, it’s crazy. Everyone is exhausted and happy at the same time after four days full of music, concerts, people, food and no sleep. So the focus is to get yourself together and party hard until the sun shows up.)

For that night in 2008, I was the opener after the last live band and after the hall was cleaned and the stage was rebuilt from band to dj. So there it was: my well-prepared set and an empty room, that needed to be filled with about 400 people willing to dance. And it was my part to welcome the crowd and to get those music lovers to move their feet. 

Shortly after midnight, I could hear the voices of many excited people behind those closed doors. So I played the first tunes to introduce them to my noisy set, and the huge doors got opened like the gates of a fort. Curious goth people were streaming the hall, ready to dance like there is no tomorrow. So now it was my turn as a professional dj to get them to like the stuff I was wanting to play. The next title worked out pretty good and most of these people kept listening and started to dance slowly. But as a dj I kinda wanted more and I knew I would reach it with a really groovy song, but that meant to play Depeche Mode – the band, I actually didn’t like that much and never thought of playing in any of my sets. Never ever. 

But, what the hell, I played it. I played The Dead of Night remixed by Electronicat. And the goths literally freaked out. Not only them, also the other djs and artists around me. Oh, it was so much fun, wohoo! What a blast! 


And so I got more open for the sounds of Depeche Mode. Actually that much open, that I went to see their show last night. Still today, I am speechless. Speechless about an incredible, awesome and just perfect show, and blown away but such a stunning fan base.


So I guess, after all these years they got me. Damn it! ;-)

PS: You can listen to this special set of mine here. The mentioned song is around 26:00 (if you are not into noise music and like to skip forward). And if you are interested in my music activities, you may also like this post.

4 thoughts on “detouring or how to become a fan

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