a good choice – seeing arms and sleepers at kafič


Since my question from Tuesday was answered right (on Facebook), I can post a short review about this place today. So last Saturday I went to see Arms and Sleepers at KAFIČ, the café and bar of GFZK, a gallery for contemporary art.


I haven’t heard of Arms and Sleepers before, but I was in the mood for some live electronica at a small but nice venue. So this show and this place was the perfect match.


And I really liked it. The music of this duo from the US was electronica with kinda jazzy influences, trip hop and ambient sounds. Sometimes it was chilly, sometimes really groovy. Some people just listened, some people danced. I also liked the various visuals from movie excerpts over graphics to just pictures.


And besides the show, there is still this place, where I really like to be. Not only for the pretty cool modern design. It has lot’s of delicious food from good old Toast Hawaii (probably only known by East Germans ;-)) to sweet and hearty snacks. And not to forget all the fancy drinks only the hip places have.

Actually, I am not so flexible. But for this time being unprepared and spontaneous was a pretty cool idea. ;-)

PS: For more concert reviews read here, and for another food recommendation here. And these are my music tips so far.


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