eating out in leipzig #2 – beard brothers


Since my question post from Monday was answered right, here is my review about Beard Brothers – Feinen Hot Dog Company.

So after watching a play on Saturday night in Lindenau (a neighborhood in LEipzig’s west), I kinda felt like having a snack. Since Plagwitz is close and I really like being there, my choice was to try out this hot dog place.

Actually, it is open for almost a year now. And what I am telling here is probably not new for anybody in this neighborhood. But since there are a lot of cool things happening in Plagwitz these days, I like to recommend this place for having a quick snack on the go if you’re there for just walking along the canal, before watching a movie or in between two dj sets.


So here we are. First, I really like the design of the place. So even if it’s a bistro, it’s kind of cosy there. I like the wallpaper a lot, even if it’s pretty common right now. And also the little old table lamps are really nice to look at. Plus, I like the kinda relaxed atmosphere outside with all the cool boxes to sit on. 


Well, this is what I had. I need to apologize for that picture above. But I was so hungry, that I forgot to take a picture before my first bite. ;-) So I had the Danish one. I really liked it. The taste was like I expected it. Pretty good.

My dear one had the Chicago Style (or was it the Italian?), but it was eaten very fast. So there is no picture at all, sorry. ;-)


At the end we decided to have a third one to share (not only for a picture), the Misjö Rijö. That one was really delicious. It is like the Danish plus camembert and chili cranberry sauce instead of ketchup. A bit hot, but oh so tasty.

So, since there are a lot more hot dogs to try (and also vegan sausages), the staff was very nice and also the opening hours are visitor-friendly, I think I’ll come back soon.

PS: This is another place I can recommend. A few more to come, so stay tuned. ;-)


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