baked potato with shrimps


What do you think, isn’t that delicious? So if you are thinking, I’ve got my cooking skills back again, nope. This super tasty meal was cooked by my dear man, who’s got fixed by cooking lately as well. So we are a bit competitive right now. ;-)

As for this one: It’s actually potato with quark and fried shrimps. Some red pepper and chives on top, salt and pepper to taste. That’s it. Perfect for a hot summer day and also a really good soul food if you have to work day and night when anybody else is out to enjoy the summer.

PS: Here is another potato and quark recipe. And if you are interested in other meals I’ve got served, check it out here.

UPDATE: I forgot to tell that the shrimps were marinated in sweet mustard! Extra mouth watering. ;-)


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