searching for sugar man – turns of an artist’s life


The movie Searching for Sugar Man is not new at all, but I watched it last week and got very touched by it. So I was thinking it is worth a post. ;-)

Actually, it is a documentary. It’s about singer/songwriter Sixto Rodriguez, who was really popular in the 1970s in South Africa. But never knowing anything about that he was living in America and working in construction. Unless two fans started to search for his rumored death. They found him living a modest life and brought him back to stage somehow.

What I really liked about that movie besides its whole amazing story is the personality behind the protagonist. He seems like such an unpretentious person, who is just living his life, making some music just for himself, his family or playing at neighborhood bars.

On the other side it’s also kind of sad if you are thinking of all the unrecognized fans and credits over all these years. And this undiscovered talent. And if you see how labels work… Or used to work. Or some of them. So even if the www is kind of crazy and scary these days, on the other side it really can help artists to be seen.

Finally I need to say, I am also really into this 70’s sound of his album Cold Fact since watching this movie. Which is funny, ’cause I am actually more into other music as you can see here or there.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, I can highly recommend it!

PS: The picture is from here. And here are some other screen recommendations. To be continued… ;-)

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