on neighborhood walks #2 – morning glory


I am an early bird. Yeap. Now the secret is out. I am that bad, that I am getting really happy when the sun shines through the little opening I leave between the curtains of my window each morning. Every morning. Also on vacation. And also on Sunday mornings. What was yesterday.


So I got this quick idea to go for a walk through my neighborhood to capture the sun rising. It was almost 6 am. ;-)


But the city you get by this time, is it really worth! It was all mine. ;-)


I was able to stand on the middle of an actually very busy street and take a picture of the street going west…


…and east.


Every shop and bistro was closed, no people to see. No cars, no trams. Birds were singing, but besides that, there was complete silence. And fresh air. Summer air.


Actually, I would have loved to have a coffee. But that would have ment busy people around making me some. So I rather enjoyed the peacefulness of LE, that was even better than any coffee could have been. ;-)

PS: Another neighborhood walk is here. And more is soon to come.

5 thoughts on “on neighborhood walks #2 – morning glory

  1. I am an early bird too! that shot you took from the centre of the street reminds me of my favourite thing to do in the morning – which is to walk in the centre (even when there’s a pedestrian path) like I own it!

    would be a bit too dangerous to attempt in the day!

    1. I know what you mean. I like walking on the streets as well a lot. It gives you a new perspective of the city, which is also pretty inspiring. Cool. :-)

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