watermelon salad – my new favorite


When I was a child living in the GDR, all the fancy fruits and vegetables I am eating today were limited or not even there. So watermelon was something I was really excited about each summer. But then, my parents (apparently like most parents) used to say, it is not real food, it’s just water. (The sugar wasn’t a point for my family, since my parents use to eat tons of chocolate and cake and drink lemonade on a regular base.) So I just got a half melon once each year and that was it.

So it is no surprise at all that I am eating my fourth whole watermelon this summer. ;-) Actually, I use to cut it into pieces and that’s it. Then I tried it with quark to have a real dessert. But a few days ago I found a hearty recipe here, that I due to the content of my fridge changed to this one:

Watermelon with arugula, feta cheese, pine nuts and a tiny bit of olive oil, balsamic, salt and dark pepper to taste. It is still something new for me mixing up fruits and vegetables to a full hearty salad, but this one really convinced me! It is the best salad finding I made this summer so far! It is so simple and even parents couldn’t say anything about it, hah! ;-) I am really excited about it, I guess I am gonna eat it today once more. ;-)

PS: And again: It’s all from here.


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