mango cake – i call it fruit pizza


Last Sunday, I was requested to buy some pieces of cake. But instead of leaving the house, I was thinking to give baking another try. So I had a look at our fruit basket and was like: Hmm, a mango and a single nectarine (because nothing more was left) could make it.

So I made the batter. A yeast batter again. And it was really soft. Super soft and warm. While it was growing, I cut the fruits into pieces and after 45 minutes I put them onto the rolled out batter. Everything was perfect.

I heated the oven and watched the cake becoming something delicious. But then, only a few parts of it came up. So we had fruit pizza. ;-)

I don’t know what I did wrong this time. Maybe baking is not my area of cooking.


After all, the taste was fine. A bit dry, but fruity. After eating a few bites we thought to make a quick vanilla sauce. And that was a great idea at the end. ;-)

PS: Another funny baking story is here.

7 thoughts on “mango cake – i call it fruit pizza

    1. Thank you! And I forgot to say, that the flower on top is a cornflower from my balcony. Eatable and also organic. So we ate them. ;-)

      1. it’s just such a domestic kind of cool to eat what we’ve grown ourselves! I feel such an inordinate sense of pride when I use my dad’s homegrown limes in baking :D

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