warm graves and efterklang – a nice and small open air at geyserhaus


As I told you before, this year’s June I was going crazy seeing bands. But since the show of Efterklang in Dec 2012 at Centraltheater was sold out very quick, I was very happy when I got two tickets for their show at Geyserhaus almost two weeks ago. I gave them to my love one, ’cause he is really into this band and I – as most of the times – don’t know much about these indie rock music sounds.

So I was pretty unprepared and like: I’ll let myself be surprised. Actually, I am pretty open to new music (not new like new but new to me) and most of the times I am surprised and like the fresh tones in my ears. ;-)

First of all, I like the location Geyserhaus and its park arena. It is a wonderful place in the north of LEipzig, surrounded by trees. I like the arena style, ’cause everyone can have a seat and see really everything that’s happening on stage. And I like small open airs.

So Warm Graves from LEipzig was the opener (as in the picture above). With the sun still shining, the stage looked very colorful. Which was a nice contrast to the sounds of this band, which I would call something like early 80’s synthie pop but noisy kinda style. I really liked the music, but unfortunately wasn’t able to understand what the lyrics were about. But they are really busy these days, you should go and see them.


And then Efterklang. What I expected was something more like singer/songwriter, something more quiet or pensive. I don’t know why. Perhaps because of the band’s name.


But then, wohoo, they rock! I was really surprised and liked it. They interacted with the audience in a very friendly way and were so nice and thankful.


At the end of it, no one did sit anymore. Many people left their places to dance in front of the stage and party hard.

So I got convinced another time, that there is good hand-made music outside of my electronica world. ;-)

PS: Another music posts are here, another concert reviews there. Enjoy!

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