the wall – caught in the freedom of nature


I like being outside. And I love nature. I could sit on a beach or on top of a hill and just do nothing than watching waves or the green grass growing all day long. I wouldn’t get bored. I am sure. Since living in the big city of LEipzig nature is something I really do miss sometimes, and for vacation I would always choose mountains or sea over a big city trip.

And then I watched the movie Die Wand. It is about a woman who is on vacation in the woods among with an elder couple and their dog. One evening the couple leaves the cabin for a walk to the village, but never comes back. So the woman decides to follow them and suddenly finds herself trapped into nature by an invisible wall. She cannot walk around it or drive through it. She only can live with it. So she starts a living there in the woods all by herself with the dog and some other domesticated pets and animals.

Even though that may sound like fun, a bit romantic, originally and pristine, this idea is also very scary. And I don’t mean the cold winter outside or the rare food you’ll have. It is the idea of not seeing any human living around, if you feel like at least talking to someone.

The reason I still liked the movie besides of all the beautiful pictures is, that there is so much room for interpretation. So why is there a wall? What kind of wall is it? Is it a real one? Is it the wall inside ourselves, maybe a wall of fear (when you come to the point where you cannot leave your comfort zone)? Or is it a wall like a border between you and another country, where you can see through, but are not allowed to enter?

What do you think? Have you seen it yet?

So after watching this movie, I figured out, it is not nature but the freedom of having a choice, that is important to me.

PS: Die Wand is out on DVD since May and the picture above is from here.


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