beach day – kulki


Well, this time my question was answered right really quick! So yes, this beautiful lake in LEipzig’s west is Kulkwitzer See or short Kulki. It is a former open brown-coal-pit, that was flooded in the early 1970s.


Since there is the 1980s development area/district Grünau right next to it, many kids grew up spending their summer holidays at Kulki. And some nostalgic things still remind of these times.


There are also a restaurant and some places for having snacks and ice cream, but I can recommend this place for just having a picnic. ‘Cause as you can see, there are trees and green grass, so you’ll have a nice place to sit and don’t get sunburned. Besides that, the water is very clean, so this lake is very common for diving. And I was told, there is something like an underwater city or landscape with different kinds of fishes and plants and a lowered boat, some parts of a plane and a few trucks. Sounds exciting!


Plus, of course, you can do a lot of other fun stuff like playing beach volleyball, go water skiing and sailing. Or you can just go for a walk and then sit there and watch a nice sunset like I did. ;-)

PS: Once, I did walk from city centre to Grünau (with a little break in Plagwitz for coffee ;-) ). It took me almost two hours. So yeap, it is possible to walk to Kulki lake, though I didn’t walk there this time. But here are another walks I did lately. And since it is holiday season, there are more to come soon. ;-)


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