cold summer soup – gazpacho


When it’s hot outside – like it was this week – I like eating cold soups a lot, ’cause it is so refreshing and you don’t have extra hot air in your kitchen from using the stove.

So this is my favorite cold soup. It’s gazpacho à la topa (which means not the original one, but what my fridge had to offer ;-)). It is made of fresh arugula, tomato, cucumber, garlic and mozzarella. The liquids are tomato juice, balsamic and olive oil. Sea salt, black pepper and herbal salt to taste. Nothing is cooked, just washed, sliced and thrown together. Very easy.

You serve it best with a fresh bread like ciabatta.

PS: You can even put all the veggies and cheese sliced and marinated with oil, balsamic, salt and pepper together in a box, leave the juice separate in its bottle, and take all with you to your favorite picnic place at the beach for having a healthy cold snack while sitting in sunny nature. I think that’s exactly what I’m gonna do sometime soon. ;-)


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