eating out in leipzig #3 – cafe cantona


Imagine you are living in a neighborhood close to the city centre that is full of artists, but there is no place at all to hang out for you and your friends, no room to have nice conversations or a little party and – not to forget – no possibility to enjoy tasty food and naughty drinks. So it was eight years ago, when I lived right next to a place that in 2006 luckily became cafe cantona.


Still excited about that, it is hard to have an objective opinion about that place, that somehow became my extended living room for six years very quick. ;-)


From the beginning, I really liked the atmosphere, the different designs of the furniture, and the always friendly staff.


Since I am a real foodie, I can also recommend this place for high quality, often fancy and always very nice looking food. I can even tell my all time favorites I ordered many times in the beginning: pasta with gorgonzola cheese, English breakfast and English pudding. And also because I am always curious about new tastes, cafe cantona has become the right place for me.


If you are a football and Tatort (the TV series) lover, you should go there too, ’cause they have various screens to show your favorite games and series. For Saturday nights they sometimes have dj’s there to play some crossover 80’s/90’s and dancefloor kinda tunes, plus once a year there is a short film contest called Glückskeks. Did I forget something?

Besides that, there is a small gallery called King Size, that was in the left window before (see pic above). But after the renovation, rebuilding and expansion last year it has been moved a few steps towards the city.


Since we had been there for a late breakfast/early lunch this time and it was pretty hot outside, we decided to order something fresh to drink. So we had the mysterious homemade cantona lemonade, that was sweet, fresh and fruity, and Sanbitter. (Checking Facebook I figured out the lemonade’s recipe, hah! ;-)).


We also ordered some fresh food: I had bread salad with tomatoes, dried tomatoes, arugula, parmesan, radicchio and slices of parma ham.


My lovely ate this huge New Orleans Sandwich called Muffuletta Cantona, without leaving a single tiny bite for me. ;-)

Well, I have to say, we truly enjoyed our visit over there and surely return sometime soon to cafe cantona at Windmühlenstraße.

PS: For other eating out recommendations check here.


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