on neighborhood walks #3 – shopping rite


I am not a shopping person. I mean, I do like online shopping for several reasons. And I do like window shopping on Sunday afternoons or at night, when the city almost sleeps. But real shopping during opening hours especially on Saturdays? I would say: I hate it.

But there is one day each year when I love it. It’s one day during our holidays when we go and celebrate the shopping of books, music and clothing in our extended neighborhood, the city centre. Over the years, it has become a rite. Our shopping rite. And again: It kinda feels like being a tourist in your hometown.


Usually we leave the house early and start with breakfast. Almost every time we have it at Jay Jay’s. We love this place, ’cause it’s kinda hidden and always quiet for having a chat or calm start. Plus, they have these little sweet and hearty snacks and real breakfast menus, too. So I had a frozen mango citrus shake, an egg appetizer and a walnut brownie. My dear had this huge vanilla mocha and a medium breakfast. So we got a lot of energy. ;-)


After that we went to my favorite bookstore. It is a huge one, but I love it since like ever. Do you know the special aroma of a bookstore? It is so unique and different to other stores and for me it always feels like vacation. There we separated for a half hour, because we have different interests. When we meet again, it is always fun and interesting, what the other one has discovered. So in the picture above there are the books I got. The grey and the big one are satirical readings, the purple one is non-fiction and the last one is a children’s book, that looked so adorable, I needed to get it (since I worked with kids for many years, I already have a collection of children’s books).


And these are the books my lovely picked. It is all fiction, but I don’t know any of those. Different taste. ;-)


And then we switched the plan from music to … scents. ;-) I have used some Lush products before and also bought a few things to give them away, but I never had the tooth paste before. So these little pills is tooth paste, all organic, all without animal testing – like everything from Lush. My tooth paste is with ginger and clove, my lovely’s is with different kinds of mint, wasabi and lavender. Besides that we got some lotion and gel against mosquitos. Fingers crossed, ’cause they are really bad this year!


And then we switched the plan again, this time from clothing to … culture. ;-) Since it was already very hot and the door of our famous St. Thomas Church was open, well, we entered it. Shame on me, I guess I have never been there before. Maybe once with school, but I am not sure. So that was really interesting. I am not a religious person, but I like the always stunning architecture and the calm atmosphere, that a church has. The funny thing is, that my parents took me to a lot of churches when we were on vacation, so I guess I kept this rite.

On our way back home, we decided to have lunch at the new place in our neighborhood. And it was the best decision to complement our shopping rite. I am looking forward to next year! ;-)

PS: For other neighborhood walks and walks elsewhere check here.


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