summer tunes – sven ‘o’ vien’s senor saltamontes


Here we go again with another pretty good mix. Actually, it is a perfect one for a warm summer night. It is Sven ‘o’ Vien’s mix called Senor Saltamontes, a crossover mix from techno to trance to click clack to minimal and back.

Sven ‘o’ Vien was an active member of LEipzig’s electronic music scene for almost 20 years, and it’s no overstatement to say, contemporary electronic music runs in his blood. For those who remember cult clubs like Duschkabine or Molen Dyk, you might have listen to his beats. Plus, he had the radio show “FLOWCIRCUS” along with his buddy DORMIN. Today you can enjoy his mixes both on soundcloud and mixcloud.

So get your cold beverages, lean back and enjoy his sounds. Or even: dance! ;-)

PS: And if you don’t wanna stop dancing, another cool mix is here to find.

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