eating out in leipzig #4 – lübberts


I have been walking by on Lübberts a few times, since it is the new place in my neighborhood, but until last week I never had the time for a quick visit. So now there is vacation time over here and I have been there twice last week already.


The first time was a spontaneous meeting with a friend for coffee.


And we ended up staying there for a couple of hours enjoying the place and the best little cakes I have ever had.


So when we got back from our shopping rite last Saturday, it was the perfect place to complement our nice day with a savory lunch.


So we first had some refreshing beverages – Crodino and rhubarb spritzer. Besides that we got some fresh bread and tomato butter with red peppercorns.


Surprisingly, we were served another appetizer: puff pastry with arugula and spinach salad. Superb!


Since I never ever had scallop before, it was the perfect time to try it. So I had scallop au gratin, combined with Asian seaweed salad, some caviar, sprouts and spinach foam. Delicious!


My dear had gnocchi with tomatoes, truffle foam and truffles. Excellent.


Like I mentioned before, I already knew that this place has some unique and homemade tartlets, so this time I was in deep need to order one made of cassis and vanilla creme inside for dessert.

Well, yes, I can highly recommend this place! ;-)

PS: I like eating out a lot and here are my various tips so far.


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