right here, right now #7 – you’ve convinced me – i’ll stay


A few days ago, I left the house and was wondering, where this nice smell came from. Was it mowed meadow, was is moist earth after a warm summer rain or any unknown plant?

Then I figured out, it was the scent of a linden tree. And walking around my place I recognized, my neighborhood is full of these! Looking at those flowers and even spotting the first lady bug, I guess summer has finally arrived in it’s full appearance.

Not only nature has reached a certain point lately. I am blogging since almost four months, have almost 170 followers and about 3.000 views. This is amazing! With this one, I already wrote a hundred posts. I cannot believe it. It took me years to start, and now it has become a pleasure I am excited about every single day. And I am really glad I took this turn, ’cause it really makes me happy to explore and write about culture, to share my experiences, to read what other people have to say and to exchange various thoughts.

So I guess, I am going to stay for a while. ;-)

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