bittersweet smoothie


Since it is hot summer, I don’t have the feeling of eating much, I prefer to drink something fruity.

So this is a very easy made smoothie of just two components: nectarines and pink grapefruit. It is sweet and bitter, a nice combination for a cold summer drink.

Actually, this is the point, when my smoothie posts usually ends. Nothing more to say about. But this time, the story continues, because this smoothie was really hard to get.

And here is why.


Yeap, I was a busy bee. ;-)


I would love to have my own garden sometime. But until then I am allowed to plant, to weed, to pick and to eat the fruits in my parents-in-law’s garden. What a pleasure!

PS: Here is some other food I prepared lately. And then there is food, I just could enjoy, ’cause it was prepared by someone else. Or even professional prepared. ;-)


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